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Coral garden is the most famous snorkeling spot in Tahaa. The Vahine Island Resort, Taha'a, French Polynesia hotel review on Telegraph Travel. Are you looking for accommodation in Tahaa, French Polynesia? See this luxury house in Tahaa, French Polynesia, French Polynesia. Look for cheap and discounted hotel and motel rates in or near Raiatea, French Polynesia for your personal leisure or group trip.

Visiting Taha'a on a journey to French Polynesia

Taha'a is much less frequented than Bora Bora and less crowded than its neighboring Raiatea, one of the most attractive French Polynesian isles, with wonderfully disguised custarded orchards under the main form of Mount Ohiri and a small street that surrounds the isle. Taha'a is much less frequented than Bora Bora and less crowded than its neighboring Raiatea, one of the most attractive French Polynesian isles, with wonderfully disguised custarded orchards under the main form of Mount Ohiri and a small street that surrounds the isle.

Taha'a is known for the view of Bora Bora, which rises from the South Pacific on the equator. In this example you will see what is possible when travelling in Taha'a and you will see itineraries that we know work particularly well. Sharing the Bora Bora Pearl garden and unspoilt beaches with a small number of visitors, The Bora Bora Pearl offers you plenty of room and liberty.

Taha'a Private Island Resort is one of the most challenging Pacific resort on a virgin lake from where the sundowns over Bora Bora are stunning. You will never be tired of visiting the Taha'a and Raiatea Isles, and you will never be hungry under the star in the evening.

We have chosen a number of accommodations for you when you come to Taha'a. Le Taha'a Privat Island and Spa is situated on the top of Le Taha'a Tautau's long line of reefs and is a shop retreat in true Polish tradition. The Vahine Island is a privately owned bungalow with nine stately homes set on the outskirts of a sand moth, with high palm trees in the middle shading the grass-covered area.

This activity reflects some of the experience they have had most during their visit to Taha'a, using the best native coaches.

Taha'a travel guide, vacation and honeymoon

Taha'a is a real botanic one. This fullness allows the exhilarating fragrance of custard to permeate the Taha'a atmosphere, which means that this is just as cute as it sound. Taha'a produces almost 80% of all French Polynesian flavor. The precious seasoning is therefore used in all areas from traditional cooking to relaxation aroma therapy.

It is recommended that you visit one of the many orchards and buy custard pods or extracts to take home a flavour of Taha'a. Away from the scented fruit, Taha'a will captivate you with its ivories, its winding caves, and its remote serenity. In addition, Taha'a can only be reached by ferry from its twin Raiatea isle.

Both of these beautiful corals are encircled by a unique full-length reindeer and have the same transparent coastline. As the landscape here is particularly noteworthy, Taha'a is perfect for walking. There is also a liveaboard safari on the isle. The majority of the tours includes a tour of the custard orchard and a souvenir shop, which really is the main attraction on the continent.

Snorkelling is also a favourite activity in Taha'a. In Raiatea there is also the Taputapuatea, one of the oldest and biggest antique temple of Polynesia, which is named "marae". Taha'a is a land of small islands or moto, spread across the Laguna. The Taha'a Island Spa & Spa is an exclusive residence belonging to the Relais & Châteaux Group.

A further possibility is the enchanting Vahine Private Iceland Resort, which offers a restricted choice of private above-water bungalow and beachsuite. Cute and tempting, the Isle of Taha'a will appeal and strengthen every one of your sensua. This is one of our favourite islands for a relaxing getaway on a long weekend, a beautiful place to combine with Bora Bora - or even go instead of Bora Bora.

Remain on the north west shore and marvel at Bora Bora from a distance while breathing in the compelling fragrance of custard behind its icons on the near skyline. The Taha'a Island Spa & Spa is an exclusive residence and a member of the renowned Relais & Châteaux Collection.

This luxurious resort is on a small, secluded isle, only 30 min by ferry from Raiatea isle..... The Vahine Islands is on a small privately owned isle along the northeast of Taha'a's cay. Just 30 mins from Raiatea by ferry, this top location offers picturesque vistas of Taha'a, Raiatea, Huahine and Bora Bora.

The Pirogue Api is situated on a small privately owned motorcycle off the east shore of Taha'a. Only twenty inches from Raiatea International and Raiatea International Airports by ferry, this shop offers a magnificent view of Taha'a and Bora Bora in the faraway. The teacher will first show you the different ways of wearing a polynesian parero and then show you the fundamentals of this ancient craft.

Cruise the luxuriant jungles of Raiatea on a scenic kayaking trip on the Faaroa Riviera, the only navalable waterway in French Polynesia. Only available for Le Taha'a Resort visitors..... 4x4 drive through the wonderful Taha`a countryside and see the luxuriant rainforest with a friend. You will sample the fruits of the area and enjoy a stunning view of the blue Haamene cove.

There are many diving spots near the Taha`a and Raiatea isles. You will be led by your own guides to a cultural experience that is handed down from generations to generations. Only available for Le Taha'a visitors..... Jet ski the Taha'a Laguna. You will be escorted by a native tour leader and will stop for a part of the snorkeling season.

Only available for Le Taha'a Resort and Spa visitors....... See how sting rays and shark are nourished in their habitat by your native guides. Start your 2nd 5 mile walk on the eastern shore of Raiatea, below the Temehani. Experience the beauties of Raiatea and Taha'a's Lagune at the wheel of your own Hobie Cat Katamaran.

Accompanied by your expert instructor, you will master the skill of using the winds to steer your vessel and visiting some of the..... Experience the wonderful Taha`a archipelago by water and country. You start your adventures by road and exploring the inner rain forest of the archipelago, where your native guides will take you on the final botanic trip.

Take a trip through Raiatea, the "Holy Island", in an air-conditioned vehicle with chauffeur. You' ll find out more about Polynesia..... Take a picturesque 11-mile walk to Mount Temehani in central Raiatea. We will stop at the first ridge for a magnificent view of the Taha'a Laguna and islets.....

Savour a gorgeous journey through the sunsets with Polish tunes, performed by a native leader and his ukulele. Estimate the instant when the starry sky vanishes behind the sea line that borders on the magnificent island of Bora Bora. Take magic pictures of your stay in Taha'a with a private shooting by a pro photographo.

Like a Polynesian for the days. In the mornings, you will discover the lake on a fishery tour. Troll the lake and then eat a delicious meal on your guide's motor. Onboard the fully air-conditioned 45 feet O' Hanalei II you can take a one hours drive to Bora Bora Laguna (depending on meteorological and marine conditions).

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