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Swain' s Cay Lodge front view. The Fishing Lodge is situated on a beautiful beach in a palm-fringed garden. Ratings from Swain's Cay Lodge in the Bahamas. The Conch Sound Resort Inn Hotel & Bone Fishing Lodge. The Belize River Lodge, Long Caye, Belize.

Swain' s Cay Lodge

We are located on a beautiful sandy spot in a palm-fringed yard. But we' re offering more than just angling enthusiasts. As well as angling, we also have a range of recreational opportunities to enjoy the Cay' s abundant wildlife and sea life: led snorkel and wildlife trips from $350, a half days for two; SCUBA dives from $165 pp for a two-tank and an inshore one-tank for $120 pp.

The Continental Breakfast is offered every day, and the Reefside Restaurant & Bar, a real attraction, also offers tasty genuine Bahamanian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bonefish DIY on Mangrove Cay

But there I finished some Mantis prawns from Veverka to prepare my journey to Mangrove Cay on the island of Andros on June 1st. This was a call from Jerry Gibbs (editor of Outdoor Life for 30 years) who invited me on a journey to the Bahamas that set this year' s holiday in Motion.

When I landed at Clarence A. Bain after a 15 -minute long plane ride from Nassau to LeAir, I soon realised that Mangrove Cay - 12 nautical and 6 mile long - would be easy to discover. Situated on a gorgeous golden sand shore, the lodge offers the price-conscious fisherman good accommodation and good food.

From the lodge we stepped into the knee-deep waters and drove northwards towards the plain around Swan's Cay. It is not large by Bahamanian standards, but the apartment is well sheltered by five small bays, which still make it possible to observe pelagic life in the northwest. I hadn' t fished for 15 min. when I saw a faint shimmer to my right which turned out to be the tip of a very large bony shark.

There was a huge grin on my face as the goat turned around and took the inhalation. Awesome! Big fuck on! It started to a strong run as only more than eight pounds of livefoil can. I had Jerry on my back of my head as the first fishing rod on the journey was panicking and looking for deepening.

Like so often in many "Big Fish" tales, this one had an unfortunate end when the line that tore through the waters abruptly became slack. Turns out that this buttoned-up seafood was the "gypsy" of the fisherman goddesses, who held up her crystallised sphere to show me how the journey would develop.

Situated in the centre of Andros, Mangrove Cay is set in some of the world's most renowned bony water. Fisheries and the tourist industry are the major economic forces with around 800 inhabitants. Although I often go angling with a guide, I was on Mangrove Cay to test the possibilities to do it myself.

Without the South Bight (reached by kayak) there are about 5.5 mile wadable coastline on Mangrove Cay. There is also a very large and prolific apartment on the south-east bank just off the south bay. After identifying the areas for possible angling, I devised a map to explore as many apartments as possible on foot during my seven-day trip.

To make the most of my stay on Mangrove Cay, I split the apartments into four small areas. First area is the 1.5 mile stretch from Swain's Cay in the northern part to the point known as Burnt Rock. But the best was right next to Swains Cay and the Burnt Rock FL.

I' d reserve the section of sand for afternoon sunsets after supper. This area is situated just to the south of Swain's Cay and leads for 2. 75 mile to the Blue Hole at Victoria Point. Swain' s Cay is the nearest to the best angling on this part. Jump over the 75 mile long sand in front of Seascape Inn and start your angling trip, where the mangrove touches the waters at high water, preferably by bike to the old concrete jetty opposite the mobile telephone towers.

Go 300 degrees to the mangrove trees just off the docks and then start the 1.5 mile fishery to Blue Hole and Victoria Point. While I prefered to catch the tides at all levels, I encountered a large flock of fishermen embracing the coast as I entered this special section at high water.

Underneath the mangrove overhangs ( "north of the mole ") were hidden several hundred species of seaweed. Like most swarmers, they were keen to catch my pop's bitters and were a pleasant change from the complicating behaviour of the big one. Thirty metres from the street, the apartment is accessed by parked at a small exit just behind the Victoria Point/Lisbon Creek mark.

From Turtle Cove the plain travels in a southwestern sense for 1. 2 mile and ends where the coastline hits the estuary of South Bight. A number of gays are well off the coast and at low water you can paddle to the gays. Here, the pelagic species have a fixed patterns that exit to the north-east into the deep waters when the flood retreats and falls back to the plain as the flood flows in.

It was my biggest hit when I caught it several fishes, experimented with different phases of the flood and had the biggest hit at a flood. As soon as the flood was full, there were still a few small pelagic on the shore. Southbight is the best spot for the do-it-yourselfer and can only be reached by canoe.

At the start of the boat at Lisbon Creek there is an outstanding apartment 200 meters southwards of the estuary of the bay. Fishes can rely on floating across this plain at every flood as they step into and out of the bay at increasing and decreasing high. As soon as the waters begin to climb, exit the plain at the estuary of the bay and start paddling westward with the current.

You' ll float your canoe in the same sense as the salmon, so every few times you turn to the sea, and walking eastwards to catch the catch. Then, when the flood retreats, you turn this patterns around and attack the catch when they are out. There is a longer canoe on the northern bank, but there are also many worthwhile places.

Though I was Skunked in two workday, but began Fishes in the others, servant my attempt DII era when I aviable six. I' ve got two eight pounds plus fishy (both lost), so the call of the big ones on Andros stays the same. Overall, my opinion of Mangrove Cay's angling is that it is still a prime tourist spot for escorted excursions, and it is perfect for a mix of guidebook and DII adventures.

Only small change I'm making for Andros is to make sure I have at least 200-yard backing, as you're likely to encounter some very large sharks. Your tip can be #16 - #20 for the day tour, as you are casting for "friendly" pike.

Adds six unweighted birds with weedkeepers and you're good to go. If you are interested in flying larger and with more lightning and a larger airfoil. On the Mangrove Cay there are a couple of dozens of professionals and independant leaders, all of whom have first rate equipmen. We were fortunate enough to have a beautiful South Bight with one of the best, Captain Douglas Saunders.

And, since food is hard to come by, it's best to spend the night in one of the main hotels, where food is onboard. Perfectly situated at the north tip of Mangrove Cay, the Mangrove Cay Club has direct entrance to the north and middle bays. Swain' s Cay Lodge, situated in the apartments of Swain's Cay, provides nice rooms and food for the discerning and non-fisher.

With some of the best travel guide books on the Bahamas, there's no better place to spend an entire weekend of led travel or a holiday angling, recreation and exploration. Halfway along the eastern shore of Mangrove Cay lies the inexpensive Seascape Inn. Mickey and Joan McGowan's cordial welcome is not calculated as a fisherman's cottage, but is a prescription for immediate recreation.

When you' re swimming off the shore or in your own hammock, the stresses you've been under will disappear. They can put you in touch with great leaders for those who want a shot at getting Mr. Bone on the ground. Now, that I'm back home and connecting #16 Parachute Adams, it's gratifying for me to think about Mangrove Cay and how beautiful and varied our angling is.

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