Swain's Cay Lodge Bahamas

The Swain' s Cay Lodge Bahamas

Discount Swains Cay Lodge in Mangrove Cay. Swain' Cay Lodge, Bahamas. The Swain' s Cay Lodge is the perfect place for a wedding in the Bahamas.

Recreational Weeks - Review of Swain's Cay Lodge, Andros

One of my friends and I made a long week-end girl journey to the Bahamas and wanted to remain somewhere off the well-trodden paths where all we had to do was SPAY! Swain' Cay suits us. Although it is known as Bonnefish Lodge (and we didn't want to fish), we chose to stick with Swain after a neighbor plot of land said it was best not to be with them because my girlfriend not only wanted to welcome us (she is Pescatarin.) Swain's was not only great, but took the added leap to make sure my girlfriend had food she could have every evening at supper and the suppers were DELICIOUS!

Further advantages are the beautiful sandy beaches and the clear waters. From our wicker baskets we could see stingrays swimming by, which was really cute. Large bathrooms and bathrooms and air conditioner were an magnificent plus (we usually remain off the battered trails in the Carribean and many places we remain don't provide an air conditioner, so it was definitely welcomed).

We' ve been spending a great deal of our lives talking to her and listening to her stories. There were only three other guys in the whole place when we got there. Dragged straight out of the tap and boiled on the place. But some of the disadvantages (and why I didn't give the place more stars.....) Probably the worse were the no seaum sandflies we expected because we had been reading about them being noisy.

There is not sure much that can be done by the Resort to resolve this issue, but if you go be wicked simply because they were! The third was the third of our visit with a very large group of fishers. Although this has now made us 2 of 25 non fishers and 3 of 25 bitches, we had a great quality of life with them.

Most of the days they were busy with the fish, but at supper they were very much included by us and greeted us, which made for some funny chat. But as we were the only two persons in the whole area who weren't angling, we were a little bit frustrated that it was very difficult to get lunches and/or meals and beverages during the workday.

We were housed when we asked, but getting our own drinking fountains turned out to be a small work. We' ve made it, but it would have been great if we had had the chance to have a few drinks during the days at the seaside while we were at the seaside.

We' re quite low-maintenance, so again not a big business, but important to know if you plan to stick with Swain and NOT go out to fish during the daytime. During the last few get-togethers, the high point of the journey came when we felt clumsy asking for dinner at the reserve, so we went down the street to a new place that had just opened while we were there:

It takes a little while to get service, but some guys from the Swain' s area were there too and we had a great quality of life with them. Our last evening on Andros, although Lionel did not plan to be open, he chose to give us a "party" and my boyfriend and I, and some others we had seen the previous evening from the nearby village, gathered and had supper, drank and relished the beach and the lionel had planned for all of us!

This was the best period! Some other things to keep in mind - the food/beverages at Swains were a little on the expensive side. Then it came slow through the days, and by supper it was actually a fairly significant shift in the level of waters outside the resortl.

But as our fortune would have it, we chose to try out the canoes in one single afternoon, the flood blew up a bit. In the forenoon we assumed that, as every other afternoon, the flood would slowly set in and the waters in front of the resorts would become deep.

On the small isle in front of the resorts, we tried to find a little bit of sea, but the flood went out and left us with hardly any rain. In fact, we were stranded and had to tow the boats about a kilometer down the shore to the resor.

It was a great journey all in all, but I'll be frank when I say I'm not really in a hurry to come back to Andros right away (unless I'm going to be hanging out with Lionel at Shell!) They were incredibly cute, we had a great run, but I'd definitely only go back if I was going on a angling expedition.

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