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NORML New Zealand - J Day is the first Saturday in May J-Day is a global protests against the Prohibition and a festival of kiwiannabisculture, which takes place every year on the first Saturday in May. It is the twenty-seventh edition of the nation's day of support for the reforms of the legislation on marijuana, in particular secure legitimate medical use. Day is the day when you can see like-minded individuals without being afraid, learning how you can help make marijuana lawful, join NORML and join us!

Become a member of NORML - we desperately need more volunteers and campaigners! J Day was established by NORML in 1992 with the first NORML Day of Nations in New Zealand. Since 1999 we have connected J Day with the Global Marijuana March, which took place on the first Saturday in May in over 100 towns around the globe.

When a franchisee reveals his secret to the world?

When a franchisee reveals his secret to the world? Uneashed by an unknown billboard that claims to be a shiftsman for a sub-way deductible that went to the Reddit online community website and asked the user to ask him a question. One of the answers was steaks, and he asked the user to prevent the use of terrayaki and chickens submarines.

In fact, the anonym leader had some suggestions on what to order if clients wanted a longer one. Underground worked to make sure his foot-long buns were full-foot, but the loaf was suffering slight contraction in the cooking cycle, he said. He said the recent case of Air New Zealand workers making personal video mocking their job is also a good case for workers who are endangering their work.

New Zealand launch of New Zealand bargains website

Catch of the Day is a new website aimed at Kiwi's shoppers with tens of items in a variety of retailing classes. Now the Australian Catch of the Day has more than 30,000 items a day under the motto "every cathegory under the sun". Leibovich says the group has been moving away from the fashions of everyday deal sites and is now operating as what he is describing as an on-line mall.

Some of the company's output comes from Australia, some from Europe and the USA, and some from China. New Zealand's website was relaunched today. The Catch Group has stripped all cumbersome objects such as pieces of wood from the Catch of the Day offer in New Zealand due to shipment limitations.

It is too early to discuss the Group' s expectation of how the New Zealand markets will respond to this, says Leibovich.

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