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Discover Waiheke Island, Sunny Beach and more! Locate this pin and more on NZ stuff from kiwigal. Penguins back together on Waiheke Island The little bluish pinguins Tickle and Roimata have reunified and are set free together. Saving a little bluish pinguin has gone back to his buddy, who he grudgingly broke up with 10 nights ago. Tickle was discharged on March 26 at Oneroa Beach after being taken to the Waiheke Native Bird Rescue, which was starving.

Ticle has taken the liberty to choose between romance and liberty and has gone back to his buddy Roimata. He was not well enough to be set free and remained in a penguin training penguin cages. They had been in close contact for six consecutive week's grooming, but Roimata had been alone at the Birds Sanctuary since Ticle took to the water.

This is Karen Saunders holding the little bluish male pinguin, Ticle, who returns after his release on March 26. Karen Saunders, Native Bird Rescue Foundress, has taken Roimata for swimming regularly at Oneroa Beach, giving Ticle a shot at returning to his buddy. Ticle, which can be recognized slightly by a small opening in his fin, floated back into the caged body this mornings.

"I can' t believe he came back to Roimata," said Saeunders. It brought the young lovebirds back to the center, because Tickle has slimmed down and has to feed. Pinguin Romances was a beam of sunlight in an otherwise gloomy time for Fr. Simpson, who saw a dozen of pinguins starve to death this year.

In the last 10 out of 10 nights 15 extremely low weight pinguins have been taken from Waiheke Island in Auckland. Only two have made it. Altogether about 35 hungry Penguines were taken to the center this year. Whilst most were adolescents, some hungry grown-ups were also found.

"I' m still hopeful it'll stop," said Saeunders. Also one of the hungry Penguin that were dying was assaulted by a canine after the sea bird climbs a path about 80 meters from the shore to mollusc. On the Onetangi Bay a few days later last week, six small little penguines were found and four were found the next morning, said Saeunders.

There are many things that speak against the penguin, she said. He is a long day as a bird care worker and is looking for a philanthropist or donor to finance the work. Call Native Bird Rescue on 020 473 9464.

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