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Situated in Stony Rapids Airport (IATA: YSF, ICAO: CYSF) is next to Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan, Canada. Stony Rapids, a northern hamlet, lies at the eastern end of Lake Athabasca. He' s flying to Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan. Explore Stony Rapids, Saskatchewan with the help of your friends. As most northern communities, Stony Rapids depends on the air for year-round transport.

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Sony Rapids is a small village in the far north of Saskatchewan. It is situated 82 kilometers southwards of the boundary between Saskatchewan and NWT. It borders the Fond du Lac River, which is connected to Fond-du-Lac, Uranium City and Camsell Portage downriver. Stony Rapids, like most municipalities in the north, depends on the skies for year-round transport.

Congregation hosts Stony Rapids Airport, which also operates to the neighboring town of Black Lake. There is an all-weather dirt track from Stony Rapids to Points North and Black Lake, 20 kilometres to the South-East. There is a Fond-du-Lac and Uranium City snow track available for most of the year.

Stony Rapids has about 300 inhabitants, many of whom are members of the Black Lake Denesuline Nation. Schooling is from nursery to ninth grades and pupils either take the coach to Black Lake or are sent southwards to go to high schools. Athabasca Health Facility, finished in 2003, is situated on a Black Lake Dene Nation reservation country (Chicken 224) bordering the Stony Rapids.

It provides healthcare to municipalities in the Athabasca area. Stony Rapids Municipality, First Nations of Black Lake, Fond du Lac, Hatchet Lake, Wollaston Lake, Uranium City and Camsell Portage and AREVA Resources jointly concluded a Memorandum of Understanding in June 2016.

Yá thi Néné's cooperation agreement aims to promote human and corporate growth, the environment and investments by the EU in the Athabasca Basin. Yá Thi Néné's Joint Implementation Committee has presented a 2016 report to the members of the fellowship setting out the achievements made between the signature and the end of the year.

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