Stewart Island what to do

What to do in Stewart Island

Enjoy 10 free or low-cost activities in Stewart Island Free-of-charge activity on Stewart Island (and also some cheaper things). Stewart Island's great thing is that it is of course a breathtaking off the well-trodden paths and the farthest away from it. We have compiled this free of charge activity in Stewart Island for these free (or discounted ) acitivities.

As soon as you arrive on Stewart Island and have browsed through our Stewart Island - Guide for Backpackers, there are a number of breathtaking hikes without the additional transportation costs. Plus, with a free museums, a wealth of wild animals, inexpensive fun and breathtaking sandy shores, you can definitely enjoy your long term sojourn in Stewart Island with these free and highly accessible to all.

Incidentally, don't miss these 5 Stewart Island must-dos. The swimming area is only 5-10 walking min. from Oban. This hike leads you to an often remote sandy spot with clear water and easy wreck board. It is a great place to go swimming or relaxing on the beaches.

It is also one of the 10 Inkredible Things to Do on Stewart Island. At the eastern side of Oban go past the quay and up the street to the right, up the hills. There is a footpath leading to the beach. The open-air open-air history of the early Maori, the seals and cetaceans, the shipbuilders and their attempts and difficulties to settle on an island in the South.

Go for an afternoon stroll to Ackers Point in Oban (3 hrs round trip) and see little penguines coming back to the shore (take a flare, but once you see a penguin, don't light it with your torch). To Ackers Point follow the coast street at the eastern end of Oban.

Continue along the coast route past several coves, then the route ends and a footpath to Ackers Point Lighthouse begins. Well, that's an inexpensive way to enjoy an afternoons on Stewart Island! To take a daily stroll in Stewart Island without paying for transportation, take a stroll to the beach (see above).

After crossing the beach, take Horseshoe Bay Rd to the northeast for about 1.5 km, then turn into Bragg Bay Rd and drive up from Butterfield Beach. Follow the Bragg Bay coastline where the Horseshoe Point is located. There are many breathtaking small sandy spots up to Horseshoe Bay.

From Horseshoe Bay Road and Lee Bay Road you will enter Rakiura National Park and its gate. At NZ$10 per capita we think this action can be classified as a bargain thing in Stewart Island. Visit the Bunkhouse Thetre and find out more about the story of Stewart Island with a bizarre game!

STEWARTWILL is your best opportunity to see kiwis in the great outdoors in New Zealand. The Triall Park on Golden Bay Road is a likely place to see them (free). Other than that, kiwifruit trips and a day out to Ulva Island are the best choice. It is a brief but challenging 15-minute stroll.

It' a view over Oban that'?s really something uphill!

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