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Shepherd Stewart Island Walks Doc

He was one of the DoC Great Walks. South Circuit | Rakiura National Park, Stewart Island This is the route with the best hiking in Rakiura National Park - the best of the Adams Hill scenery when you can see it in good wheather and all around Doughboy Bay, the best of Fred's Camp - and the hardest, the true bog. There is Doughboy Hill with the stunning views of the undisturbed Tin Range because you know you are on the fringes of civilization, one of the great hitchhiking adventures in New Zealand, or you can see, hear and feel the vast sea crushing the Granit rocks on the tops of Doughboy Bay. Not a big liking for this route, probably an anti-clockwise course from Freshwater Landing, over to the shore to Masons Bay, further to Doughboy Bay and then back to Freshwater Landing via the Rakeahua Valley.

When you take a boat taxicab, Fred's Camp is the closest meeting point with a Freshwater Landing pick-up or other. This prevents the large moor transitions in the freshwater river valley. On the longer summers it is possible to dive some cabins, but this becomes more challenging when the winters are shorter.

This means you need an early departure on the big ones to drive the seven hour drive from East Ruggedy to Hellfire Pass, or another seven hour drive from Hellfire to Mason Bay the next time. Whenuahou (!), CH09 Mount Anglem/Hanananui, CJ08 Doughboy Bay, CJ09 Mount Allen, and maybe the little Oban you find on CJ10 Port Adventure.

Then the route leads over the simpler route to Mason Bay and is extended to larger sections. Then at least you'll be on Adams Hill before your first proper encounters with silt. Here are the cabins you will find in Rakiura National Park. Campsite is really just for the hardwood because of the often impregnated substratum and the additional mass and mass of a marquee on a 118 km hike is superfluous when there will often be no one else in the cabins.

For an adventurous experience, why not remain in the Doughboy Bay Caves. Here is the DoC indicated tramp periods between the cabins, as shown on their website, usually real hiking hours, ie not taking into consideration all long pauses. The DoC estimate is based on the time for an "average" hitchhiker, which means that it is possible to shorten the time for more common parts.

Sadly, this year the information tends to highlight a senseless part of hitchhiking, The Destination, and some hitchhikers think they have to test themselves, hurry to show someone something. Aren't you here to see your surroundings, see things, go down to the creek and see a giant brown-fish, see bellfowls flying around?

3 departures per night, 365 nights a year, from Invercargill to Stewart Island. It lasts 20 min. and can give a good view of the island. Luggage limit: 15 kg, that's a big issue when you go to the island, because you really have to take all your skim.

Call Stewart Island Flights at 03 218 9129. Real Journeys now owns the exclusive Katamaran boat that connects busses to Invercargill, Queenstown and Te Anau. there' s everyday shuttles, with more than one on many dates, but it's a powerful complex timetable and tariffs, either $75 adults or $71 off-peak a way from Invercargill to Stewart Island, or $99 or $94 off-peak if you have to get off Invercargill.

Invercargill, pop. 53,000, has the customary large hypermarkets, countdown, New World, Pak'nsave for the most important distributio... This small shop, in Oban, about 400 inhabitants, has a sensible, but costly grocery and essential camp equipment, matchsticks, candles, fuelite, etc., and runs regular office times, seven nights a week. Here is a small shop, the Shore Four Square grocery canteen.

There''s no ATM in Bluff or Stewart Island, just keep in mind that you venture to the world. From Mason Bay to Freshwater, there can be times of tidal flats through cold waders where you try not to drop off the duck boards that you can't quite see in the murky sea.

This marshy area just south of Rakeahua Cabin, which may take an hours and a half to get through the Freshwater River Vale, closer to the Freshwater Landing Cabin, is, well, marshy, profound, groundless, smelly, mucous, although it is generally possible to move without wetting the legs.

Probably the most difficult moorland is the first descend from Adams Hill towards Doughboy Bay, the first third of the descend is the tripecta of stinking moor, precipitous hillside and sliding arboreal root. There' s more on Doughboy Hill, but it's easier to bargain.

There are some web sites about hitchhiking on Stewart Island. The DOC also has a cover text about the Northern Cross. Pictures of Stewart Island cabins can be found in the Rakiura Hut section. Here is a slide show with 43 pictures of the south course, which gives an idea of the general route and places of interest on the way, if you need more work.

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