Stewart Island Robin

River Flycatcher

Both the nominees and the Stewart Island robins (P. australis rakiura) are the two subspecies. Copy; South Island Robin. The North Island robin (Petroica longipes);

the South Island robin (Petroica australis australis); Stewart Island robin (Petroica australis rakiura). and feathers, Stewart Island Picture:

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South Island Robin (Petroica australis) is a sparrow-sized animal found only in New Zealand, where it has the conservation of its native wildlife. They are rarely spread over the South Island and Stewart Island/Rakiura, although their numbers are not very high. Both the nominees and the Stewart Island robins (P. Australianis rakiura) are the two sub-strain.

It is a close relative of the North Island Robin (formerly P. Australianis iongipes, now an independent species[2]), and also of the extreme rarity of the Chatham Islands' Great Stone Robin (P. traversi). There are two types of South Island Robin: P. Australianis Australia, the nominated shape, and P. Australianis Rakia, the Stewart Island Robin.

North Island Robin (P. longipes), Tomtite (Petroica macrocephala) and Robin (Petroica traversi) on the Chatham Islands are related to each other. P. traversi appears to be a Chatham Island derivate of P. Austris, although the location of the youngest joint forefather has not yet been known.

2 ] The Petroicidae von Australo-Papuan robin have 44 different robin families in Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea. South Island Robin is the least worrying on the IUCN Red List. 1 ] However, Stewart Island robin (Petroica australis rakiura) has recently experienced a number of bottlenecks due to forest degradation and habitats and has brought in carnivores such as rivals, ermines and wildcats.

Due to this severe decrease in the Stewart Island populations, several efforts have been made to relocate the Stewart Island Robin to other near offshore island where there are no imported carnivores or which have been exterminated (see above). Motuara Island has seen high hatch ratios and fewer couplings.

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