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We' ve invited Flickr photographers to bring in their pictures from Stewart Island, and we've selected the best of them to showcase the region in our online exhibition. Getty Images' perfect Stewart Island stock photos and editorial news images. Grab Stewart Island images and royalty-free images from iStock. Ulva's Guided Walks, Stewart Island Picture :

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We' ve asked Flickr contributors to bring in their pictures from Stewart Island, and we've chosen the best of them to showcase the area in our on-line show. Thank you to all the contributors: The article has been made available for personal use ( "school projects", research on families and homeland ) and any publication (printed or electronic) may violate copyrights.

You are responsible for obtaining the permission of the owner of the work.

Explore Stewart Island and its fauna, one after the other.

There are not many humans called after an island. Ulvadoodwillie is one of them. She is also a close descendent of the first M?ori Rakiura/Stewart Island residents, where she still resides - and where her eponym, Ulva Island, lies in the Waka poor ? Te Wera (Paterson Inlet).

The island of Ulva - all 270 ha of it - is 20 walking minutes away from the town of Oban, then a seven-minute trip by canoe. The constant Stewart Island resident is under 400, but summer is bringing an inward stream of people, equipped with camera and unusual rainy coats, most of which fly southwards for animal life and outings.

At Ulva we are welcomed by a stupid-looking comic strip rats that holds a stop-watch and advises travelers to keep their parasites at home. I hope my colleagues have high-capacity storage media in their camera systems depending on the number of images they are already taking. There is no jumping in bungees, no gift store or café in view, and the audience is chattering with commotion.

That' s what happens when you get free of carnivores - aided by the fact that Ulva was never made. After a four-year program of extermination of rats, the island was certified pest-free in 1997; once dead poultry were infiltrated. Rats, fiddly guys they are, still make their way to the island on the occasion.

He' had people coming from as far away as Sweden. South Island tomtite has a clearly amber chest. He' the bird-sized Stewart Island Throat. New Zealand sealion gets curious at the Ulva Island shore. When you want to see a particular species of local birds - for example a saddleback - then take a scenic trip on Ulva Island.

The birdwatchers are already planing the next morning back on the quay: a journey on the Southern Seabirds route to Albatros, Schkua, Kaptauben and Molly Mawks. I' m thinking of the contentment these tourist have attained. They were somewhere untouched and untouched; they had a beautiful amount of movement, took pictures and were told about a well-run Shrine.

They are the opposite of the New Zealand crowd-pleaser of" been there, done, tomorrows it's Wanaka" people. Compassionate, instructive, personally... Stewart Islandish. It has been released in the February 2018 edition of North & South.

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