Stewart Island Packages

Packages Stewart Island

Kiwi & Bird Adventure Stewart Island. PROPOSED DAILY AND MULTI-DAY STEWART ISLAND PACKAGES. 5 or 6 days Stewart Island adventure trip Lean back and savour the best Stewart Island has to offer, knowing that our knowledgeable tour leader is with you every single working day to ensure everything goes to schedule.

Departure from Dunedin (5 day tour) or Christchurch or Queenstown (6 day tour). Arriving in good season for a early bird excursion through Invercargill, the south New Zealand town. Southland Museum also offers a sub-Antarctic region of New Zealand touring. From Invercargill Airport after dinner we depart for Stewart Island with Stewart Island flights (return flight included).

Now, the real excitement begins with our first full tag on New Zealand's third island. Following activites are inclusive in the price: On our trip we will visit the Ulva Island Birds Reserve in Patterson Inlet. We take part in a well-known and very popular led trip through the island with Ulva's Guide Walks.

1.5 to 2 hours led kayaking adventure in the Patterson Inlet safety harbour (included in the price). *Take the airplane (Stewart Island flights) to Mason Bay. With Stewart Island flights back to the continent and back to Dunedin. You can also choose to take a flight directly to Queenstown or Christchurch with Invercargill (fares not included).

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The Just the Two of Us! is discreet and stylish for the demanding pair who want to be pampered with an upscale V.I.P. special. One of the most attractive and exciting travel destination, New Zealand has a wealth of legacy and scenery that will take your breath away and certainly meet the requirements for an astonishing place where two are one.

Maybe you are living in New Zealand and the two of you want a stress-free and funny escape and a honeymoon. There' no marriage to go on, no Honeymoon to go on, just to enjoy each other and the romance you have. When you' ve ever thought about running away and solving all the problems of a big marriage, we are here to make your dream come True.

You will have personal access to a committed marriage expert who is willing to make all your moods and desires come true. We are here to ensure that your marriage and your Honeymoon are one that you will never ever want to be forgotten and that your loved ones will envy.

Families and acquaintances are cordially invited to join the bridal pair for this festive event and we will offer you a prize on demand. Here is some more information about the amazing places that we know are a particular part of New Zealand for a holiday. Romantische Stewart Island, New Zealand. Once your marriage in Auckland is over, you can take a flight to one of New Zealand's most quaint spots, Stewart Island.

At the foot of the land lies a picturesque and enchanting island that you can discover and enjoy, from the pristine nature on your doorstep to the stunning fauna. Queenstown, New Zealand, From a stunning look at Sky Tower in Auckland at your marriage reception to some stunning vistas from your luxurious Queenstown, New Zealand lodging, it's the perfect holiday of a life as a newlywed that you'll enjoy everything the area has to say.

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