Stewart Island Luxury Accommodation

Accommodation Stewart Island Luxury

ROCK OF VIEW Every dinner is a perfect dinner for our clients. Celebrate at the dinner tables in the roomy lounges, enjoying culinary menus and exquisite wine with the freshest seafood and homemade veggies and sauces. Paterson Inlet overlooks the area with unrivalled panorama view. A hectare of remote paradise with indigenous forests and a rich bird life that our visitors can soak up.

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Most New Zealanders have Stewart Island on their bucket list. The Sails Ashore is a two room shop, B&B with a view of the charming and unspoilt Oban town. Iris and Peter have been living on Stewart Island for over 40 years. For 14 years Iris was a district nurse and administrator of the Ulva Island Open Sanctuary.

There is also a country trip on offer for our visitors, which will focus not only on the island's natural beauties but also on the island's inhabitants' story. Stay several overnight stays here, discover Ulva Island, take a flight to Mason' s Bay and walk back to your Oban bases. The Sails Ashore Lodge rooms were specially designed for this use.

A number of endangered bird populations have been resettled in this open conservation area and are developing very well. Group sizes are small (generally 6 or less), as we strongly believe that bigger groups will seriously diminish the experiences, your leaders will be either Peter or Iris, sometimes we will both lead. During approximately 4 hours, our regular guided tours include all transfer, do c, etc.

The trips can begin in the early mornings or in the later afternoons, when the bird is at its best, and if you want to remain longer on the island, we can make arrangements for you to be called later.

Inaugurated Church Hill Boutique Lodge & Restaurant

Perfectly situated within walk of all conveniences or when a withdrawal is what you are after all your needs can be fulfilled without having to leave the HI. The lodges also offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy other gastronomic delights within the hotel restaurants. It is our goal to be the premier choice for those who visit Stewart Island.

With our extensive knowledge of the operation of our restaurants, we are able to satisfy the high demands we place on ourselves to make sure that our products satisfy your requirements. Everything for us revolves around our island and the adventure that our visitors should take with them.

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