Stewart Island Hunting

Hunting Stewart Island

Licenses are required for all hunting on Stewart Island and must be obtained in advance from the Department of Conservation or the Rakiura Maori Land Trust.

Cavalier Hunters Hut is another new Stewart Island hunting lodge. The activities on the island include hiking, bird watching, fishing, kayaking, diving and hunting. Deer white-tailed hunting on Stewart-Island/Rakiura, New Zealand. Anybody had any luck hunting deer on Stewart Island?

Gentleman hunting block: Hunting Stewart Island

The Cavalier is a boulder in the Rakiura Nationalpark. It can be reached by airplane to Mason Bay Beach, by chopper (under the middle tide) or on feet via the North West Circuit. Pets are not permitted, as this pad is located within a protected area. The cabin is reserved when the hunting pad is reserved.

The $30 per capita fee is necessary when booking a hunting area. Hunt licences will be sent only after receipt of the cabin tariff. Hunter lodges like these are provided and run by the Rakiura Hunter Camp Trust.


The purpose of this page is to give you the information you need to determine whether you want to take up the challenges of hunting on New Zealand's Stewart Island as part of our RMLT Hunting Blocks. For many years Stewart Island has been a popular hunting area for many domestic and foreigners.

The white-tailed stags on Rakiura are the southernmost flock in the whole wide range of hunting communities and the boulders offer easy entry to good populations in breathtaking places. Below you will find a listing of our hunting units on Stewart Island.

Modules are available on a regular monthly cycle. Booking the units per weeks with a special rotating daily for the selected unit. As an example, a Saturday spin means that the unit is reserved from Saturday noon to the following Saturday noon. Whilst the transfers between the participants refer to the transportation logistic organized for your journey date, you only have the right to fire on the units with your permission from noon of the date of your journey until noon of the same.

This means that you will be able to buy and buy our units on a weekly basis, but you can move to and from the units on any of the days of your choosing during the time you have purchased and payed for the unit. It is also possible to buy several days to determine the length of the desired group.

At the beginning of 2011 we have constructed a new cottage for 10 guests in Kaika. This is an example of the cabins that are available on the service units, they offer space for 6 guests.

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