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Nice coaching moments between Steve Kerr and Stephen Curry! NBA & ABA Steve Kerr Basketball Coaching Record. Dr. Steven Kerr, also known as Steve, was Chief Learning Officer of Goldman Sachs. You can read Stephen Kerr's contributions in Parliament, including speeches and questions, examine her voting results and receive email notifications of her activities.

Steve Kerr, Golden State Warriors head coach, becomes an NBA legend:

The 30-second video by Steve Kerr and Steph Curry is an extraordinary lesson in outstanding leadership.

Not Golden State Warrior trainer Steve Kerr. Not only curry training. It also works proactively - and consequently - on building a vocational and individual relation. CURRY' s disillusioned with his shoot, so Kerr uses these statistics to make an important point:'That's your shot total.... and that's your plus/minus.

In the next section, Kerr talks to Curry after a dramatic shoot: Like Daniel Coyle says (I first found this tape on Dan's blog), "At first sight it's a little exaggerated. in the curry already knows he's good. Shouldn't Kerr challenge him? You can see the secret is that Kerr is not training, but creating a connection.

And Kerr always understands the moment of his commendation. Farr doesn't reassure with banalities. Like Kerr said later in the video: is that you are two for eleven, and you don't hesitate to shoot a sixtieth foot.... nobody in the division does....

You' ve got so much faith in yourself, and in toys like this, you turn it on like this. Wish I had your trust." Curry hadn't fired well early in the match, but instead of becoming more prudent, he was willing to take a risky hit. It shows trust, and Kerr wants Curry to be self-assured.

Trust for sportsmen - and for the remainder of us - is everything. So, Kerr commends the behaviour. I wish I had your trust." They' show fragility; Kerr is pleased to say,''You're better than I ever was.

Doing something no one expected, Golden State Warrior coach Steve Kerr taught a brilliant leadership lesson.

What would you do as a project manager if you felt you were to lose your post? Your teammates stopped reacting to your effort? This is the current state of affairs for Golden State Warrior trainer Steve Kerr. What was Kerr's reaction? You step aside and let the player train yourself.

ESPN said the match began Monday when Kerr permitted the warrior Andre Iguodala to carry out the shooting (training). YesVale McGee ran the computer when other gamers smashed the movie. Then during the match of the warriors against the Phoenix Suns on Monday night, Kerr Iguodala, along with team-mates David West and Draymond Green, gave even more power.

Every athlete took at least one move and trained the squad during the time-out, with Green (who was sitting out as a golfer with a twisted finger) leading most of the match. "It' her family. This is one of the first things you have to consider as a coach," Kerr said.

Warriors beat Suns by more than 40 points. However, this step by Kerr is particularly outstanding and offers precious takeaway for everyone who leads a group. Warriors have been the best NBA crew for several years. How do you get members of the crew motivated who have nothing more to show for it?

When Kerr realised that a shift was necessary, the squad needed to develop somehow to involve its people. "I reached my team," Kerr said in the following match. Well, if so, you'll have to find a way to get to them on an emotional level. He was able to contact his opponents because he knows their strength and weakness and knows what moves them.

He has, for example, pinpointed Green leaders whom he has trained for most of the team. He also saw how his opponents reacted to Green's order in the past, so he could be sure they would be playing for him. This not only motivates your employees, but also creates confidence in your relationships.

However, one of the best things you can do to enable others is to give them the opportunity to guide - whether it's a group, a venture or a demonstration. Make your teammates think. Utilise your teams to take (calculated) risk. Make use of your emotive intelligentsia and strengthen your teams.

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