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The only thing we do is to design all new websites with similar functionality. The STAYZ was used to make a booking request for an accommodation for a period of days. Startpage - New Caledonia - South Province; Noumea. Sidney, Brisbane and Melbourne, New Caledonia.

offers. Stayz can help you find your perfect romantic and honeymoon accommodation in Sydney.

Holiday home rewards Stayz 2016

Sydney, Tuesday, October 11, 2016: Australia's premier vacation rentals website, Stayz®, today announces the 2016 HRA (Holiday Rentals Awards) list. For the fifth year in a row, HRA awards prizes for outstanding quality in an impressing range of over 40,000 vacation villas at 2,000 exceptional sites in Australia. Stayz, which links home owners and caretakers with travelers looking for the room, value and convenience of an entire apartment building as an alternate to a resort apartment building, has nominated a jury of professionals to assess the outstanding properties in nine different classes.

This includes four new catagories for 2016: On One With Nature and Most Valuable Property. HRA represents not only the best rentals in the whole land, but also those that provide unforgettable adventures and additional comforts. Travelers can find everything from seaside cottages to inner-city penthouses and cottages to be flexible and free in their search for the ultimate getaway on Stayz.

Stayz 2016 HRA nationwide champions are: The Arches of Allendale is a completely refurbished chapel for those who haven't yet done so, and offers the ideal shop-in-residence for those looking for a one-of-a-kind excursion. A luxurious lounging area and enjoy a relaxing break in an award-winning home.

Located in the breathtaking, jagged landscape of the South Fleurieu Peninsula, right on the outskirts of Deep Creek Conservation Park - a great haven for outdoor enthusiasts. It has six double rooms and four baths, ideal for a large group of acquaintances or a whole group. A breathtaking estate with a large swimming Pool, barbecue and barbecue stove, two independent interior dinning areas, a fabulous open contemporary lounge with an isle fire.

The Sunshine Beach Garden Residence is a tastefully designed, architectural refurbished home that offers tranquil private space, ideal for a couple's withdrawal. Hideaway is more than welcome for the dog and for those of you who want to go outside, the estate has a fence area that provides a secure and convenient area for your pet with easy entry to the sheltered area.

The house has huge areas, a swimmingpool, whirlpool, a fireplace and a porch over a laguna. It is the ideal place in Stayz to unwind and watch magic sundowns on a scenic trip. This breathtaking cottage benefits from its surroundings with large glazed French window and deck that capture the splendour, tranquillity and splendour of the mountain and valle.

Featuring a world-class location, state-of-the-art hydrotherapeutic spas, and additional amenities such as wines, chocolates, and snacks upon arrivals, it is no wonder that this estate was named MVP 2016 Champion. People' s Choice Awards have attracted the vote of the general population, as evidenced by the Australian people' s enthusiasm for accommodation.

Featuring imposing old solitary saplings and a breathtaking pinewood, the site is the place to take photos. For up to 12 people, the estate is great for family or groups of people. Regional Director, Stayz, Anton Stanish said: "We are extremely proud to have such a wide selection of accommodation throughout Australia.

Already in its fifth year, the Holidays Rental Awards celebrates the most spectacular vacation houses in the state, as chosen by our jury of experts. "Hopefully these award-winning rental properties will provide inspiration to travelers who plan their next vacation in the interior - whether you are looking for a nice seaside home, a rejuvenating vacation home for your fuzzy boyfriends, a relaxing trip to the cities or a relaxing outing with your families, we are excited to be able to provide vacationers with an alternative that meets all their needs, interests, group sizes and budgets.

Stayz, Australia's number one website for apartments, allows travelers to find and match a wide range of fantastic properties to guarantee a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable vacation adventure wherever they spend their holidays in Australia. Stayz has over 40,000 accommodations in over 2,000 exceptional places across Australia, offering houses from the most challenging and original to the most common and suitable for every level of budgets and families.

Stay is part of the world's leading on-line vacation rentals HomeAway Inc. For the 2016 Holidays Rentals Awards, the following ten awards were given: Stayz's expert teams selected seven homes in each class from:: What is the property's support for the selected group? Qualitiy of the object descriptions and characteristics. What is the property's support for the selected group?

MVP (Most Valueable Property) winners were assessed on how well real estate holders responded to the following two questions: Why is your real estate the'most precious property' on Stayz? People' s Choice Awards are awarded on the basis of the overall number of entries submitted. On the four new price ranges for 2016:

Worth - Worthwhile whole houses for $250 and less per overnight. More Valuable Properties - Real estate holders were asked to register themselves.

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