Starbuck Island Ufo Explained

The Starbuck Island Ufo explained

The Starbuck Island (or Volunteer Island) is an uninhabited coral island in the central Pacific Ocean and belongs to the Central Line Islands of Kiribati. The UFO seems to have crashed on the island (image: YouTube). Enormous UFO crash with Google Earth. on Starbuck Island, named after his ship that landed there. This island is completely uninhabited.

UFO exists..... Google Earth at least if you are credulous.

On the first sight Google Earth gave us the UFO pictures that many of us have always been looking forward to. At a second look it's the old drafting table again. Looking at Cape Town, South Africa, Google Earth shows a remarkable clear UFO sunlight that flies over a moutains.

Supposedly taken on July 15th, the ship's orbital shape can be seen from afar, while the Google Earth application offers a panoramic view. "The first thing I saw was that it looked like an example of a sewed together painting where someone used an iPhone application to insert a forged UFO into a photo," says Marc Dantonio, CEO of Mutual UFO Network, the biggest global organisation devoted to the study and solution of the UFO puzzle.

He knows a few things about what makes a picture genuine or forged. FX Model's Connecticut-based firm produces history channel and learning channel visuals, as well as a number of defence agreements with the Navy, Congress and U.S. Joint Chiefs in Washington, D.C. He said that just because an extraterrestrial picture of an supposed naval vessel appears on a site like Google Earth doesn't necessarily mean it's completely believable.

When you have this picture and you go, "Oh, my God, look what I have captured in this picture", will you just staple it together with the remainder of your images and paste it into Google? But Dantonio doesn't agree. "I see four to six hoops - or individual photographs put together by the individual who uploads them to Google," he said.

He warns that seeing is not always credible - at least as far as his own views and experiences tell him when he looks at the picture of South Africa. "It is clear that there has been an enormous amount of pictorial manipulations. To view the latest Google Earth images, here are the co-ordinates you can enter on the site:

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