St Keats Island

St. Keats Island

This was our first visit to the island. If you are looking for some of the most striking, visit the coast along Pump Bay or Belle Tete at St. Kitts. This is a short video about Keats Island in British Columbia's Howe Sound. A list of street names in Keats Island, British Columbia, maps and street views.

Road maps in Keats Island, British Columbia, Canada.

St. Kitts Travelogue

We' re back from our 11-day trip to St. Kitts for almost a whole weeks now. This was our first trip to the island. We had a mixture of our first reactions, but over the years the island has grown on us. On April 20 we departed our house and stayed overnight at Bradley International Bradley International in Connecticut, our Connecticut area.

We were happy to have a meal and a lot of fresh air when we got up at 4am! There was a brief waiting period in San Juan and we brought America Eagle to St. Kitts. It' nice to see the other island we`re flying over. Directly at the Aiport you will find your first of many traffic circles and must quickly adapt to the traffic on the lefthand side of the street.

Had the crayfish and John the sea bass. It' not what I was expecting at a beloved seaside hotel. I' m sure it was a long way from being jumped at 7:00 when we went. To be fair, we never made it back to the SS, so maybe next year we could have made a completely different guess.

So you don't get the feeling that we are really dull, I forget to say that we also had a few pinea colada before supper and they were delectable! My first job is to review the grocery stores on the island. As our apartment was such a great place with the best view (and as you know, we are not revellers ), I thought we could go for a few lunches, but mostly I would make supper.

Imagined all the marvellous fruits on a tropic island, the nice freshness of the sea food and the nice freshness of the vegetable I would get from the farmers fair in the centre of Bassetere. It was not a pretty and confined piece of fruits. On the island they are very similar to our local tomato in autumn.

Loved her and I' ve been buying a few quid almost every single working days. We' had 2:30 before we could get into our apartment. to Turtle Beach. The Turtle Beach website, which I visit several people before we leave, gives me a great feeling for Turtle Beach.

At Turtle Beach before noon, we had a few hango-colada. We had a pair with us on our plane, and they were from Ct. Anyway, we really loved to talk to them. for our lunches. If you visit St. Kitts, you should definitely enjoy the Turtle Beach adventure.

You have a great sand and free sunbeds, snorkelling, swim, listen to all kinds of game. This is my BIG HINT I got from Turtle Beaches. I' ve got to tell you, my man was enjoying every single one! It was now the right moment to register in Sea Lofts Unit 46 and we were looking forward to the interior.

On the upwind side of the island we were amused around the clock and sung to our beds! During this period we remained on the top decks with some chilled drinks. Well, we kept them frozen all the way and they were really tasty! You and I were enjoying the ripples all dark and sleeping like newborns.

So we were up in good season to see the sun rise the next day - what a pleasure! He had a full meal of fruits - mangos and plantains. He had walked on the shore before breakfasts and had taken a long bath. Whilst the island's waters are drinkable, I prefer to bottle them to be sure.

where to buy meats and seafood. I had another delusion that we would be enjoying freshwater seafood here. Well, the fishers I saw got off their little fishermen' yachts in front of the Main St. square.

They had funny faces, looked funny with the apples looking at me. No fishmonger to see - buy all the seafood and make your own fillet! Fishbones are one thing I cannot stand! We are back in our condominium and the relaxing period is here.

Today, we' re having midday meal with freshly caught bluefin tuna, salads and sun-dried tomatoes in pita bags. I' m making a nasty cannabis salad. Mmm. We' ve been reading more (I've been doing it all afternoon) and John went to the Marriott course. I was very happy with the course and my man really liked it. We' re having cherry tree cherry tree cherry tree chopsticks for starters this evening.

It' s Monday mornin' now and we saw the sun rise and John was joggin' and swimming. We were distributors for the Rams Pana Colorada mixture today - and John was enjoying every single one! We' re definitely gonna get some pisces from there. They' ve been cleaning cleanin' lobster and freshwater seafood.

You also have iced seafood and mussels. The lunch was done in pita. Yeah, I'm gonna have to buy more tinned thunnies! And while the course was quite empty, he was playing with some Marriott staff. This day is something really unique as we travel around the island.

At about 9:30 a.m. we went and resolved to drive counterclockwise. On the way there there are many nice places of interest, and we stopped from times to times and took photos. We' d been planning on having dinner at Ottley's, but we got there too early to do it. We' re looking into it, and it must be a wonderful place.

Glad to see there wasn't much smoke on the island. They were very interesting and the facilities and parks there were very nice. Serendipidy' s place we thought was a little later. It' s a wonderful environment with a view of the port of Bassetere. It was dry and we had our first Caribbean here - cool and tasty!

While it was good enough, I can't go into raptures about this place. As I asked, I was informed that since they cultivate on the island they could not bring them in and simply could not get them to ripen enough.

It could have tossed a rock to several peasants who sell nice sundried peas! It was disappointing that a more upmarket St. Kitts standard meal would not have mature cherry-tomatoes. At the fishery we stoped where I purchased two packs of parrotfish frostbitten and filet.

There I was reassured that this is a tasty one! After a round of early afternoons, John was playing a round of tennis after 3:30 ($55). The supper was a conjecture - canned tomato stuffing and cucumber. I wanted to tell you before I move on that we had a chat with a realtor at Serendipidy last night for luncheon.

Soon the empty space between Sea Lofts and the Marriott will be Marriott Time Share Development. The only one who wasn't allowed to go snorkelling in the wonderful little bay. Especially an older pair comes to my head. On the way back they had turned into this loosely as a pair of goosebumps that danced all over the cat!

But I wasn't sure about the afternoon on the shore regarding the sundowner... It is VERY HEATY on the Nevis beaches and you need to wear your sandal when you go for it. A lot of folks like to go to the beaches and watch Sunshine's and try a Killer Bee.

Now, for dinner - they said before leaving the ship that there are no toilets on the shore, so go before you get off, or it will take 21/2 hrs before we get back to the toast. And now we both know how empty the boy's tummy really is!?) I only had a few mouthfuls of a hoog and a flavor of a few pages.

I didn't really like anything, but I think I have had a psychologic dislike for St. Kitts foods since my first stay in Ram's city centre! Man, I really spice my cannabis lettuce. The beverages also streamed during the meal. Someone else had gone angling the night before. Your man has captured a small album core tunny (which, as you know, is the most important thing on this journey for us).

They had decided not to hire a vehicle, so they took cabs everywhere they came from the Marriott. Taxi's are not cheaper on the island. There was also much more chance to get to know the island. You know, I know how agitated folks get when they're riding on the lefthand side.

and Monica on their twilight getaway. It was a much livelier return, but just as lovely. It was a funny and enjoyable one. So we drove back home to more tunas, colada, reading and resting. It' John's camp today.

Meanwhile you may have found out that John has more power than I do - much more power! Same here at St. Kitts, although he recovered very well. All he wanted was to go out and look for gators and serpents, and the children came to us as his mates.

Now, that we're older and the children aren't on holiday with us all the way, it's just me? It was 8:30 a.m. at the Timothy Beach Resort. As we arrived in TBR, we saw the pair again from our flight at Turtle Beach.

A different pair on the boat accompanied John on his eco-adventure. You will be served a nourishing breakfasts, a good luncheon at the top and a farewell drink at the end. One girl on the walk (who John has e-mailed since to thank him) found the walk a little onerous.

First, I went back to the Sea Loft offices and sent the children an email, which I had done a few time. There'?s no fish for us today! You didn't have some ingredient I needed, but I could make it. That was a hell of a hell of a lot more work than doing it. As a lucky but weary campervan, John came home.

You and I both really loved the clam soup for supper. We' re heading for Turtle Beach. It'?s so nice. I could take this ride every single second. In fact, we found a few secret bays that were something really unique. We' re going to spend a few peaceful moments at Turtle beach. I felt like we had the shore to ourselves.

All of us were enjoying the sight and sound of the pets. He is so obese, he is sleeping comfortably all the while in a big pit he has made in the sands. Shortly before we abandoned a young pair, we had a meeting on the Manhattan Cat Rail.

and they liked the Turtle Beach vibe. They let the kids have a few casts first. As if my man thinks (and lets me know if this is true), but the fins you are eating on the island are actually kid flu. While we were planning to go for luncheon that night, we found that both Rock Lobster and Ciao are only open for supper.

He was golfing again this afternoons. The preparation does not take long. I' ve also roasted yams off the island. It turned out to be quite good and the yams had a different structure and flavour than ours, but were quite good. It seems like a long period of history when you embark on a 13-day quest, but the weather flies by!

It' s another St. Kitts Fair time. And John comes to the fair with a smile on his face! The " blessings " of my husband's drive just drove the vehicle too far to the lefthand side and it ended up in one of these trenches on the highroad. With 15,000 to about 40,000 on St. Kitts, the island is much smaller.

Approaching this island again counter-clockwise. They' spent the last few days of their Nevis retreat in Montpellier. You were at the Marriott in St Kitts. We' ve been sitting with them for a while while while they've had the best breakfasts I've ever seen. We were very much struck by Montpellier and they shared the marvellous five-star five-course meal they had tasted there the evening before.

Sometimes you can just say that when you meet a pair. There was a wonderful sandy spot on the island, which was wonderfully well-tended. There we had a stop at the seaside and ordered two Caribs. When I was doing my research, you all tell me what a lot of the Caribbean is on the island. During this season, the place itself did not look very bustling.

It was just something that kept me out. We' re going down the shore to Sunshine's and we each had a killer bee. There was a lovely girl from Calypso's neighborhood who asked us for a beverage when we arrived on the island, but we didn't arrive. Looks like a lovely seaside place to be.

So we drove to the harbour city to find a place for dinner. and asked for a lovely luncheon area. They' re also on the beaches and will give shows on a new platform. I gave my man the platter of seafood, which had several sides.

We' re always looking for new and different places, so it's unlikely that we'll return to St. Kitts, so this was our only gunshot at Nevis. but he' s dried up. Since we don't think we've got enough working hours to justify the purchase of another lot, there's going to be more beatings starting Sunday!

We' ve had our habitual breakfast routines and have cut down a few more by then. There were eight in all - but I had more free to concentrate on my readings without hiking and without a full dayschool. Once we had relaxed all mornings, we discussed our lunches.

At the end we chose not to and John prepared the mussel soup for midday. It was a particularly warm night, so I chose these tuna-filled tunas again for a parrot fish meal. It also gives us the feeling of having seen a good part of the island and at least having a feeling for it.

I' ve got a few things I needed (not sure what at that time). Later we were to find out that it was Labour Day on the island and a big public day for her. Relaxing and reading all mornings, we set off for Golden Lemon for dinner. That was the best food we had on the island.

It was John who had the speciality of a ron meat soup he ate. That was a good meal and John liked the fried coffee in the bean. There we had a comfortable period and wandered around a while. Talked to a lovely pair from DC who were the only ones staying this weekend.

We heard that the Prime Minister of St. Kitts was there for dinner the previous morning and had been made known. Golden Lemon's proprietor is very well known on the island and has been here for a long while. He' s the one with the premonition to remodel the sugar factory, and it's a wonderful place.

And he had dinner when we were leaving, and we imagined that. This is the first one! We' re enjoying our last dinner and would you believe that we have no bluefin tuna any more? We' ve kept a lot of foods in the fridge, like mayonnaise, dairy, vegetables, fruits, etc., which I really do the servant girl good.

And then we went out to get something to eat at the airfield. The one John picked was St. Kitt's with Marlin. Whatever the cause, I did the same (and I know I don't like St. Kitt's food) and I got mine with steamed sheep. while my friend ate his.

It' a wonderful, slowly shifting island with a particular charme. We' re so happy that we came at this point before it becomes invariably "Americanized" and the Marriott Monster Estate will be just one of many. I' m confident that the St. Kitts population will have enough free space and know-how to cope with the changes that will take place on their lovely island.

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