Southeast Asia Cruise

Cruise Southeast Asia

Discover the wonders of Asia. Nature and man-made wonders can be seen in Southeast Asian destinations. Travelling through East Asia usually includes port stops in the bustling conurbations of China, Japan and South Korea. Explore the mysticism and wonder of an Asian cruise. Cruise to exotic countries with Norwegian's new Asian cruises!

Cruise Asia

You can expect thrilling events and exceptional adventure in the vibrant harbours of Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Let yourself be enchanted by the view of the Hong Kong cable car to the top of Victoria Peak. See the charming Thai dance in Bangkok.

Watch the fishers and their old-fashioned sailboats in the port of Ujung Pandang. Dive into the beauties of the Bantimurung National Park of Ujung Pandang. A stroll in the royal family's tracks with a stroll through Lombok's Mayura Water Palace from the eighteenth cent.

This charming castle is the ideal place to enjoy the splendour of the islands, as it lies in the midst of an man-made pond amidst groups of wood. Explore the famous Stanley Market in Hong Kong, one of the largest markets in the game. During your cruise you will have the opportunity to enjoy the colours, flavours and tradition of your holiday destinations with programmes such as a Hong Kong vaudeville show or Chinese crosstalk comedy.

Recruitment programmes provide informative classes and opportunities to explore our Encounters with Discovery at SEA speakers in the region, including the chance to meet our own people. Immerse yourself in the mythic beauties of Cambodia's Angkor Wat and explore the biggest church and UNESCO Heritage.

The complex, built between the ninth and twelfth century, features elaborately sculpted architectural styles, among them the rose coloured relief sandstones of the Banteay-Srei-Temples. Find out more about the Netherlands' colonial culture by visiting Ujung Pandang's 230-year-old Fort Rotterdam, one of the best specimens of Netherlands architectural design in Asia. See the ancient Buddha of Bangkok, the oldest and biggest Buddha in Bangkok, and enjoy China's unbelievable 8000 year old story at the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

Bulguksa Temple, which means "Temple of Buddha Land", houses seven of Korea's nation's treasures, which King Pob-hung erected in the eighth quarter as a peaceful place for his Majesty to worship. You' ll be able to see the splendid Ayutthaya remains - the former capitol, which is only a few kilometres from Bangkok and has large marble towers and castles - just like the old travellers once did.

We' d like to make your cruise as comfortable as possible so that you can unwind and discover the underworld.

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