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Situated at a remote end of South Kauai, the hotel is popular with couples and families. Celebrate Rodgers & Hammerstein's South Pacific Dinner Show at Kauai Beach Resort. Floods / windstorm damages in the South - Kauai Forum

Accommodation in Poipu with arrivals on Thursday. When you see a little bit of dark green colored seawater, don't go in. I' ve been in Poipu for two week now. Nowhere in Poipu did I see any harm. I' ve seen some bay waters where the Waikomo brook hits the sea and does not flow into the same area.

Tonight we talked to the Poipu Surfschool and the Brown Waters Advisory was saved for the Poipu Strand. Anybody been to Poipu Park today? A lot of folks in the ocean, us included. It was not'brown' like on the eastern and northern side.

Almost always one finds somewhere a beautiful sand and sunny. If you want a break, you can drive towards Wiamea and try the saltpond-land. I' d be on the side of prudence when I think about going in the pool - ask the lifeguards on the job - they are the masters.

We are swimming in Waiohai Bay and I know that my swimming course has been cancelled for the near distant years. I saw some bay waters where the Waikomo creek would hit the sea and remain out of the same area." The Waikomo is the only one that flows into the sea in or near Poipu, and it is not very big.

It is located on the western side of Poipu and as the current is moving westwards, it has no effect on Poipu Park and Sheraton Strand to the south. At the end of September we visited Kauai and want to explore the whole archipelago by road as we did a few years ago. You think the windstorm will be cleared up by then, or should we go somewhere else, maybe to Maui?

The North Shore or the South Shore? - Message Board

The North Shore or the South Shore? It is a Tropical Isle and Kauai gets rains, but it is usually short during July all over the Isle. Maybe it's not raining in Haena and Hanalei. But Poipu has small shafts for boogieboarding etc. There' re no Starbucks or Safeways on the north coast.

There' s one to stick on which side of the isle. Princeville and Poipu are both destinations for visitors. On the north coast is more rustic and rich.

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