South Island Tours for Seniors

Tours on the South Island for seniors

The New Zealand Age Group Trips are specially designed for travellers of a similar age group. Senior Tours Canada - the specialists for group tours! My father is thinking of a South Island tour at this point.

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Discover the array of adrenalin, adventures and relaxation in New Zealand. New Zealand Cycle Trail leads from top to bottom through the countryside. There are 14 national parks in New Zealand with the aim of preserving the natural environment for the futurolog. Faggot marriages have paved the way for New Zealand's Icebows.

Simplify your journey and buy a comprehensive New Zealand maps. Purchase Kiwiana and other New Zealand produce quickly and simply. New Zealand's most sought-after and useful tourist guides. Traveller information for New Zealand visitors, employees and residents. Choose Age Group Tours in New Zealand by selecting the location on the menu, using the regional link or the Show all offers feature.

Sr. Travel New Zealand

Tours for small groups allow you to see the best New Zealand has to show. The majority of the visitors on our tours are over 50, some even over 70. In the early 70's, when we began touring, it was all about partying and spending those long evenings, and now we still like a good old good old crowd, just a different outfit.

We wanted to make lively, funny and thrilling tours of New Zealand for guys like us, which means you're probably over 50. Explore the stylish, inquisitive and cultivated side of New Zealand and savour the countrys inherent beauties, cultures and cuisines. A thing we have seen lately is that in New Zealand families come, traveling together with adults and mothers.

New Zealand is great because there is so much to do for everyone, no matter how old you are or how energetic you want to be. There are wine-growing tours, yachting, cruising, hiking, ice landing, sightseeing tours, kayak and much more. So, if that sounded like you, continue reading to learn 10 important things you need to know about senior travel in New Zealand.

It is astonishing to see New Zealand as an island state - it is difficult to believe that so many breathtaking scenery can be squeezed into such a small state. During your New Zealand trips you will have the chance to admire some of the most beautiful miracles of nature in the world:

The Bay of Islands: If you look at the tranquil Bay of Iceland Isles and turbid water, you will see why they are one of New Zealand's most beloved attractions. Nicknamed after New Zealand's first ever discoverer in Europe, it is the only easy access coastline protected area in the land and provides many great walking trails.

It is included on almost all tourist brochures and videos for the South Island and it is quite evident why. It is also a great place to take part in a Maori festival and learn more about their distinctive people. Some of the astonishing places you will find on your New Zealand trips.

At the end of a long and thrilling New Zealand holiday, we know how important it is to have shelter. It is a rather chic place, just a brief walk from the town centre, the Wynyard Quarter and some of the best in town.

Situated in the city center, just a few minutes walk from all artisanal beer dairies and fine dining establishments with 24/7 customer support. Yes, the landscape is beautiful and the cultural attractions are intriguing.... but you're probably also considering the foods and wines you can soak up.

This is one of the best aspects of travelling - the possibility to try delicious regional cuisine. As this is an island country with a predominantly farming industry, many of the meals are prepared with the freshest products from the countryside and the seas. Then there' s the alembic. New Zealand viniculture goes back to the middle of the 19th century, but kiwi is praised by the whole know.

In New Zealand there are 10 different wine-growing areas, with Marlborough renowned for the Saavignon Bianc, Central Otago and Martinborough for the Pinoot Noire and Pinoot Gri and Gisborne known for Gisborne-Chardonnay. There is also the beautiful way New Zealanders dine. Would you like to try some of the delicious delicacies during your stay in New Zealand?

Try New Zealand Lamm. The majority of New Zealand eateries have great choice of mutton, which includes steak, mutton cutlets, mutton burger and much more. Barbecuing is a big part of New Zealand civilization - especially on long, hot summers, which are great for outdoor dining.

Tuatua, a native New Zealand mussel you won't find anywhere else in the game. An advance warning if you are from North America, cakes in New Zealand are usually savory, not cute! Learn more about our gastronomic experience on the trip. Today's traveler is in good shape, in good health and young at heart. Goodbye.

Lots of fearless older travellers come to New Zealand for walking, trekking and much more. New Zealand's unbelievably scenic and varied scenery and the broad variety of recreational and leisure facilities means that New Zealand has an exercise experience to cater for all levels of physical wellbeing. When you are in good shape and in good health to spend a strenuous time in your home town, you can spend a full working days on one of our tours.

The one thing that many of us like about our tours is the versatility to do different things in different places - we have arranged the trip so that you can benefit from the many thrilling adventures. Before arriving in New Zealand, when you make your booking, we will provide you with a full listing of all of the optionals so you can plan which ones you would like to participate in.

Travelling outside your comfortable area can be a little frightening, but travelling in New Zealand is unbelievably saf. After the 2017 Global Peace Index (which rates 162 nations from around the globe on their risks of individual violence), did you know that New Zealand is the second most secure nation in the hemisphere?

New Zealand is the most secure English-speaking state in the word. You will also be glad to know that the waters are drinkable safely, the restaurant has high purity levels and no vaccination is needed to get into the area. We' ve compiled a New Zealand security guidebook that you should study before your journey.

As long as you are conscious of your environment and take reasonable care, however, you should not be in danger when traveling through New Zealand. Some general security hints for older travelers can be found under Smarter Traveller. Let's take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of seniors' travel:

New Zealand's railway system is very small, so you can really only take the trains for a few shorter distances. You will be able to move at your own speed and create your own itinerary. Riding your own car means you can't enjoy tasty New Zealand wine on your adventure.

To get some great trip advice from the best baby boomer travelers in the industry, take a look at the My Itchy Traveller Feetlog. New Zealand on the big issue - self-drive or coaches? Yes, it's correct that you can hire a vehicle and go through New Zealand alone.

Second, where you come from, you may have to cross the street - which can be very worrying! Plus, if you have to take care of the riding, you won't be able to enjoy the exquisite New Zealand wines from the beautiful vines you are visiting.

Our small group tours allow you to taste one or two delicious tips and unwind. Let's say you have two week in New Zealand, take a look at this 14 days New Zealand route and think of yourself first, navigate and think of yourself on the same journey with a small group of travellers from all over the globe, all of whom visit the same places but are taken by someone who knows the streets and also has more practical information.

How about older single travelers or family? It is a funny and secure way for any traveler to see what New Zealand has to show. Have a look at our blog entry about travelling to New Zealand. An increasing number of homestay groups are taking part in our tours and everyone seems to have a great quality of life.

Even though it is important at any stage of life, it is indispensable for older travelers who have more health needs. There is nothing like needing and not having health care, so make sure you are insured before you go. Good full coverage for your trip against interruptions, sickness, luggage losses and theft.

It is so important to have travellers' health insurances - don't go out of your home state without them! The health system in New Zealand is excellent. ACC covers the cost of health services in the event of an incident - even if you are not a New Zealand national. Find out more about New Zealand health and tourist insurances.

You will be able to take full benefit of the great reductions for seniors! If you are over a certain retirement date, many of your travelling costs will be reduced, which includes airfare, activity, and more. You can also use your seniors ID and get rebates at many of New Zealand's main tourist sites and dining places, even if you are not from New Zealand!

Indeed, aging means that you can have a profound, useful travelling experi-ence - your expertise will enable you to fully appreciate the new adventures you have. Traveling for seniors in New Zealand can be an astonishing venture - a way to discover this wonderful land with the right mix of comforts and suspense.

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