South Island Map

Map of South Island

Take a look at our map of the South Island New Zealand. South Island has extreme scenic features from glaciers and skiing to wide plains. This map shows cities, villages, highways, main roads, side roads, railway lines, mountains and land forms on the South Island. I' m working on a new and improved South Island map. The map is created with latitude and longitude from the openstreetmap.

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Discover the array of adrenalin, adventures and relaxation in New Zealand. New Zealand Cycle Trail leads from top to bottom through the countryside. There are 14 national parks in New Zealand with the aim of preserving the natural environment for the futurolog. Faggot marriages have paved the way for New Zealand's Icebows.

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The South Island Charts, itineraries and route planner to help you find your way around New Zealand. Find South Island tourist sites, sights, shops, roads, boroughs, towns and communities. Choose South Island Cards from the drop-down menu below. The South Island chart shows you the tourist sites in your selected area, town, village or town.

For more information, click a card symbol on the South Island.

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Bottom is a Google chart of the South Island of New Zealand showing the position of wineries, vineyards and other winelands in the area. Remember that these wine-related places have been added to Googleaps by others and not from the New Zealand Wines Directory. By dragging, zooming in and out of the cards, you can even open them in a new browser to see the different areas of the world.

Distance and time on the South Island

Enjoy the fastest routes and fastest travel between New Zealand's South Island towns. Select from a shortlist of 46 South Island towns. Overall Time: If you are looking for distance between towns on the North Island, you can use the North Island Distance page. Click here for information about Kaikoura and the trip from Picton to Christchurch.

Please see the following chart for the distance between some important places on the South Island. Each distance is given in kilometres. Please go to Google Maps to get directions and timetables and view the itinerary on a Google Maps. For some of the chosen tours on the South Island of New Zealand there are staged travel itineraries.

Note that travel timetables vary depending on traffic condition. New Zealand has several sites where you can review motorway traffic on New Zealand. Take enough pause to achieve your goal so that you don't have to hurry and cause an acciden. It is almost always a good thing to add an extra minute to the estimate of travel duration.

Especially for the South Island, one should also reckon with the fact that one sometimes comes across flocks of cow or lamb on the street when they are transported to or from pastures. You may have been told that the last major quake that struck New Zealand, and Kaikoura in particular, caused damage to State Highway 1 and there were slip-ups that prevented Picton's immediate entry to Christchurch via Kaikoura.

From Picton to Christchurch via State Highway 1 was blocked for a while, but was re-opened on December 15, 2017, so you now have two choices to travel from Picton to Christchurch and back via Kaikoura. For more information on the journey between Christchurch and Picton, click here and here.

From Picton to Christchurch, the second leg of the journey takes the State Highways 1, 63, 6, 65 and 7 from Picton to Christchurch. It is open 24/7. NZTA estimate the travel duration over this trail at approx. 7 hrs 30 min. and is approx. 478 km long.

The Picton - Blenheim - Murchison - Christchurch Google estimate the journey to be about 6h. I' d extend that by half anhour to accommodate the additional transport on the roads. Please be aware that you are driving over a Lewis Passport and that sometimes the speed of your car can get slower because lorries also use this part.

Simply be tolerant and take your free trip. Number of kilometres between favourite South Island New Zealand cities: When you are looking for riding inspiration, you can read the Queenstown Shortday Trip, Christchurch Shortday Trip and New Zealand Road and Route Guide series.

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