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We' ve got reviews of the best spots on the South Island. Sightseeing, activities and experiences on the South Island Skydive Franz's staff loves what we do and where we do it. Dare to the South Island and you will be welcomed by high peaks, fjords and ice-covered peaks - the scenery here is world-famous. A little off the beaten track these rocks don't seem so thrilling, but they are definitely itinerant.

There are also nice views of the abundant vegetation in the surroundings in spring and autumn and hot outside swimming pool near Omarama. All right, all you instagramers, this place is gonna bring you a whole bunch of kin. If you don't like it, it's a wonderful place to go and many of the vineyards have cafés or restuarants, all the more reasons to explore the vineyards.

Situated not too far from the highway, this small old gold mining village has enchanting, quaint mud-brick and rock outbuildings. The best place to spend the night is Pitches Store. It has been carefully renovated and is the ideal place to discover its beautiful and beautiful surroundings. For some time there has been a railway line, so that there are many possibilities for accommodation and catering along the route as well as side events.

There is no need to travel all the way, just choose a place where you can begin and end when and where you want. The secluded place is definitely a worthwhile visit if you like to drive to the end of a street to see where it leads you. Another city in Arrowtown is especially valuable in the fall for its Instagram.

Located in the historical quarter, this gorgeous pub is next to the Saffron Restaurant and Dorothy Brown's shop and bookstore - there is one overnight with everything you need, just a few metres away. The Tekapo Springs have several heated swimming pool with fantastic views of Lake Tekapo and the nearby hills.

Wonderful place, great amenities - an absolute must for keen swimming pools fans. From one side of South Island to the other, this ride takes you back, relaxing, enjoying the views and making the most of the café and bars on the boat. It is one of the most popular rail journeys in the whole wide range of unbelievably varied and wonderful landscapes.

lf you' re into vectorian and/or steamunk design, you must go to Oamaru. Its work is breathtaking and a unique handicraft that is well deserved to be seen. You are free to use some of these pages (they are enclosed to prevent vandalism), but most of them are on privately owned property. They are definitely a worthwhile place to go if you are interested in story, and as the first kind of literary writing, it is enjoyable to try and understand what they have said.

There are nine of them in New Zealand and six on the South Island. When you haven't found your own, then visit the many stores in the area, which are selling them cut into nice trailers and so on. Or you can make your own trailer, see Bonz'n Stonz Carving Studio and Gallery in Hokitika or Te Koha Gallery in Franz Josef Gletscher.

It has a great deal of Maori and Europe and has some marvellous geologic characteristics, as well as the fossilized Curio Bay wood and no, they are not just a pile of frightened saplings. Each part of this journey is gorgeous. Denni?ton is a haunted city near Westport, high up on a secluded and secluded hill.

I suggest you see Wanaka. Just like Queenstown you are not going to be too brief on actions in this city, but if you monitor your account then the best value action must be puzzle world. It is well deserved and since it is suited for all age groups, everyone will enjoy it.

One of New Zealand's best landscapists, Petr's passion for the South Island countryside is reflected in his great work. They are not phone pictures of the sunset, these are from a real champion and are well deserved to be visited. From the State Highway, the route leads you to the base of the Southern Alps for a relaxed and delightful ride.

The area is known for its arable land, ski, fishing, gulf, riverside recreation and MTB. Elspeth and Judith provide a wide range of cultural and recreational opportunities, such as farming, hiking, mountaineering and all-terrain riding, as well as imaginative workshop programs such as cheesemaking and lime sculpture.

Examine out the pictures on their website, especially their breaking news page, just amazing. Moeraki blocks are the major tourist attractions of this place. I think you should go to Queenstown. It is not only located in a dramaticly nice environment, but there is also a lot to do and many places to dine, enjoy and sojourn.

Queenstown is the place to be if you like bustling urban life, picturesque places and lots of opportunities. A cable car takes you over the city and offers you the best view of the surrounding area. This lovely area has been the scene of many films, especially the Lord of the Rings Tricology.

There' are plenty of walking, activity and breathtaking accommodation. Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre is a place to learn the region's historical background and information. On the island living is affected more by the shifting tide than the hour on the watch, and you will be assorted whether you want to completely unwind or simply take in the country and the seas.

Constructed in the 1930s, but with contemporary accents, this is the ideal starting point to discover everything on this wonderful island. Well known for its kiwis spots and abundance of other game, along with many strolls and marine pursuits such as boat trips, angling, scuba dives and canoeing. It' like an island that a pirate would have liked to visit.

Akaroa is not far from the largest South Island of Christchurch. Situated on the port, this quaint little village has a proud heritage of France. In Akaroa one of the most important activity is dolphin swim, more precisely with the Hectors Dolphin, which can only be found in New Zealand and is the smallest and most rare dolphin in the whole canyon.

The ideal location directly on the State Highway south of Twizel is an ideal place to buy the freshest fish. Attractions are overwhelming and there are plenty of extra activity to suit every need and skill. See Inflite Experiences, which offers sightseeing tours, guided tours of the glaciers, heliskiing and more.

Astro Cafe, next to one of the observation rooms, is open during the afternoon and also definitely recommended for its panorama view. There is also a ski resort on the Franz Josef Glacier. Here are caves, rocks, sanddunes and arched isles. You have to be about 30 min walking distance from the parking lot to get here, and it can be sometimes draughty, but whatever, it's great and it' definitely deserving a patron.

In order to determine the tide for maximal exposition to the sea, you should remain near the Whararariki Island Holiday Park. Well, there are many nice gold sandy shores in this area and many hiking trails that help to help in exploring them. Wilson's Abel Tasman is one of these operations. He's checking them out.

There is everything you would want from a skiing area, great amenities, great scenery, etc., but it is the welcoming atmosphere that makes it a truly beautiful skiing area for novices and professionals. Mt Hutt is just 30 minute ride from Methven, and one of the best places to dine is The Dubliner, where you will find a large PT, dinner, music and crack serviced seven-day.

Snowboarding is your thing, then Methven is an ideal place to be. You can find more information about the songs on their website, they have pictures, video and current status. Would you like to ride on some of the routes, incl. the skiing areas, in the low seasons?

However, the goal of the gasoline powered carts are the thrilling thrills of your own race go-karts, or riding a wide range of genuine race car. A good place to go - warm baths. Okay well, the city is sweet and it is in the middle of the mountain and it is well equipped for so much to do, to see and to dine etc..

They are the simplest icy peaks in the whole wide globe, so no apology for missing these icy creeks. While you can hike up the glacial valley without a guide to get very near the front of the valley, if you want to try things beyond the barrier, you will need a guide through.

It is a singular adventure to be so strange and nice and then to return to the reality in no time at all. It is a nice place for a protected picknick place, because the labyrinth of cliffs is enclosed by shallow grasslands. They can show you the pub where they make beers and you can have it.

The only ice skating track of its kind in the southern hemisphere, this is the New Zealand Olympics practice area. This old wood is growing to the rim of the sea and the sea is often very reflecting, which offers great photographic possibilities, especially against the background of the Southern Alps.

When you are not there at high water, the blowholes hike and a few others in the area are worthwhile. Yeah, Milfordound and/or Doubtfulound are a long way from anywhere and it will take a long way to get there, which said, don't pout about the trouble and just go, it'll be everything in there.

You also do cross-countrys and other option, so check them out. In first place is a parachute dive with Franz on the Franz Josef Glacier. The first-class parachute jumps embody everything the South Island has to show - dramatic wildlife, self challenges, memoirs and luck. Skydiving Franz has three different altitudes, of which New Zealand's highest is 19,000ft (almost 6000m).

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