Sites to see on Oahu

Sights on Oahu

Get ready for the best Oahu Nightlife Bars & Clubs. Warm-up in the tropical sun and explore this list of attractions and sights in Honolulu & O'ahu. The beach offers a part of the local life that most visitors don't see. Each island has special places of cultural importance, from museums to cultural monuments. Waikiki's main attraction is by far the sandy strip by the sea.

In Honolulu & O'ahu 10 places of interest

Warmer up in the tropic tan and discover this listing of Honolulu & O'ahu sights and places of interest. Known as Kane'ohe, the area is far from both Honolulu and the rest of the globe, the gate to the north coast and its rural population. There are many local Hawaiians living here and the area is dotted with historical sites.

The Polynesian Cultural Centre covers 42 hectares on the picturesque northern coast of O'ahu and offers an incomparable chance to discover the seven Pacific island countries in a unique time. Since the 70s, the centre has enjoyed great popularity, even though it is kitschy in places, and receives around one million visitors a year.

Thousands of Polynesians in folk costumes present an interpretations of 5,000 years of Pacific archipelago in a stirring procession. It is a family-friendly centre for academic and educational experiences and studies. It also has a stunning interactivity centre of research. O'ahu's southern shores quickly transform from a suburban area into untouched scenery with blue coves, botanic parks and a coast from which you can see cetaceans in the north.

A casual lunch cart at Sandy Beach and a refreshment stall at Hanauma Bay ensure peace and quiet. Both of these are great for sun bathing or hang gliding, but don't even think about the deadly pause on the banks and the fast current. Rebuilds of the port and monuments containing the dock of the condemned warship Arizona and the final dock of the historical USS Missouri are attended by 1. 5 million a year.

There is also a Museo Nazionale (Military Aeronautics Museum) in the vicinity. Constructed for David Kalakaua and his Majesty Kapi'olani, it was home to his sibling, Empress Lili'uokalani, until her rule ended in 1893. and received their patrons.

It was in 1895, in less fortunate days for the Empire, that Queen Lili'uokalani was brought to justice in this majestic setting. Within a few unshapely boulders there are a number of historical sights, a great Asiatic market place, a quarter with scented booths and tempting stores, art galleries as well as fine cuisine. The 15 block old city should better be described as Southeast Asia City.

The bustling harbour, shipping museums and the neighboring Aloha Tower Marketplace commemorate the time when Hawaii's most important connection to the waterways was to the rest of the globe. The story of windsurfing; California and the Beach Boys may have made windsurfing popular, but Hawaii created the skill of he' e naif (literally "flowing over the waves"). Hawaii an ancient city, the streets are full of historic buildings, gardens and a variety of tourist sites.

It has spiced up the road and Waikiki beaches with planting, seats and a popular "photo op" area. This is Waikiki Beach: All of the beaches are open, with areas in front of the Royal and Moana Hotel. Hawaiian' s only general arts gallery with 30 galeries was established in 1927 by ecological collectors Anna Rice Cooke, whose house was packed with more than 4,500 works of work.

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