Singles Cruise

Cruise for Singles

Climbing up the single traveller makes waves in the cruise world. The most departures have single meetings for those who are on their own. Since time immemorial, singles cruises have been popular because ships are sociable and safe with many activities and events. I' had an incredible first experience on Singles Cruise. No-to-low surcharge cruises and cruise offers from all over the world are filtered and searched.

Singles cruise : Solo-excursions, over 30, 40 & 50ies

Cruising has been a popular way to get away from it all since the 1820' s, although not so long ago many folks said it would never reach the peaks of their 1920' heyday. Because we know how many singles are loving cruising, we have a boat load of them to savor.

When you want to cruise the ocean, our liner sails out of London, Tenerife and Miami and stops at some of the most popular Carribean destinations. There are also catamarans on the Greek islands and Cuba, with frequent supply stops. Humble ships also make large expeditions possible - try a classic Gullet cruise off Turkey or a magic voyage on the Nile in Egypt.

Who' s going on our cruise? When you thought cruising was just for the older generation's reserves, think again, as you are unfortunately wrong. Maybe you are looking for new acquaintances and the development of your community of friends and family, or you are just looking for romance - anything can come on a cruise because you will travel with like-minded people!

On the basis of Solitair Holidays figures at the beginning of this year, the proportion of men and females travelling seems to be evenly distributed, with over half (54%) of cruise passenger numbers being females, while 46% are males. Yes, crucifixion still draws an older Demographic, but it is not the only One that has been consistently crucifying in the popularity across all Popularity.

Due to their geographic position and proximity to the major harbours, those living in the southern part of England are the most willing to take a cruise vacation, with almost half (48%) of clients living in the souths. We have been doing single cruise trips for years and have seen first hands that Solitair homestay is a great way to meet other singles.

Be it your going on a long journey around the UK for a few weeks or a long journey to the Caribbean for a whole months, a crossing enviroment has been a great way to find companions singles. During the day, you can be sure to be with your companions for an hour, between on-time culture stops, and when the night comes, you will rub their feet while you enjoy the time onboard.

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