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The USS Arizona National Memorial in Pearl Harbor. Populate your holiday with the best things you can do in Oahu! Known in Hawaii as Le'ahi, Diamond Head Crater is the extinct volcano at the eastern end of Waikiki and is often a symbol of the city. There is a wealth of sights and activities to see in Oahu. Browse through Oahu Island activities using our interactive map.


Top 5 Sights in Oahu, Hawaii

Enquire from anywhere in the world where they want to go on holiday and Hawaii will be at the top of every heap. Hawaii has a lot to boast with nice sandy areas, mountain ranges, volcanos and a lot of histor. But if you are going on a journey to the Hawaiian isles, the very large number of things you can do in Hawaii can be overwhelming for many travellers.

All you need is a Hawaii tour guidebook that explains the best places in Hawaii and gives you a choice of what to see in Hawaii. Oahu Island, Hawaii, has things to do with history, beauty and entertainment. There are not only places you want to see in Waikiki, the major retail and resort, but there is a lot to do all over the island of Oahu.

These are some of the places you will want to attend to make your Hawaii journey the most memorable. Here are some of the places you will want to be. While there are some other great places to go along with great sporting facilities like some of the best golfs around and some great boating trips and angling, this schedule has you well on your way to a great holiday.

Number one on Oahu in this Hawaii guidebook or any other Hawaii guidebook is Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Remorial. The USS Arizona Monument is both fun and disillusioning and is the largest "don't miss" for any visitor to Oahu. In addition to your stay at this monument, you should conclude the historic part of your journey by exploring these sights:

Hawaii has many historical sights, so make sure you have enough travel to see them all! There' are also large historical areas of Hawaii where you can find out more about Hawaii' local cultures and histories; a great way to get the most out of your journey!

Only some of these are the Iolani Palace, Puu O Mahuka Heiau (an old hawaiian temple) and the Huilua fish pond, one of the last preserved buildings of its kind on the banks of Oahu. There' s a lot of story about Oahu, US story and Hwaiian story. There are many different routes on the islands for both of them or you can hire a vehicle and make your own way.

One way or another, record all the tales this little isle has to tell! Maybe no other area of Hawaii is better known to sport and photography fans than the northern coast of Oahu. The area is known for its big surf, great windsurfing and wonderful landscapes and shores.

There are several stations along the Kamehameha Highway in the area that extends from Haleiwa, Hawaii to Kawela Bay. Haleiwa and Waialua Bay, the first stop, offers wonderful sandy spots and great shops. You will then arrive at Waimea Bay, home of a wonderful sandy shore and the yearly Eddie Aikau Classic Surfing Contests.

In this area you should definitely go to the stunning Waimea Falls. Up on the Kamehameha Highway you will find two wonderful sands. Sunset Beach is one of the most beautifull and pictured beach of the isle. Kawela Bay, now Turtle Bay, is at the tip of the isle.

It is the site of one of the most scenic resort on the islands and was the setting for the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Magnum PI, Hawaii 5-0. But if you choose to go to some of these stunning places, you should definitely look for a lot of help when you try to navigate the stunning scenery.

Enjoying the sea by snorkelling or scuba-dive is one of the funniest things to do in Hawaii, and on the far eastern end of the Isl. of Oahu is one of the best places to do it. Anyone visiting Hawaii should come to the Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve at least once, whether travelling as a member of a group or alone.

You will find a great picknick area, a great educational centre to discover more about the nature, marine and historical Hanauma Cove and of course the coves. You can also use all this to watch theatre, stage views and listen to real action on stage. More information about the cove and the reserve can be found at http://www.hanaumabaystatepark. com/ .

If you think of volcanos on the Hawaii islands, you usually think of Mount Kilauea on the big Isle of Hawaii. On Oahu, only a few steps from Honolulu and Waikiki, there is a large resting vulcano to do. Overlooking the far south-east of the Isle, Diamond Head offers stunning vistas of Waikiki, Honolulu and even the Pearl Harbor door.

Whilst inside the volcanic craters Ft Ruger and a FAA facility are at home, you can explore the vulcano and walk up the 3/4 Miles. You can see the entire southern side of the isle from the vantage points. Although there is not much to see here in terms of facilities or education facilities, the views alone are one you should not miss.

You can be sure to take and savor your best cameras, drinks and candies. Place it at the top of your Waikiki activity schedule, as it is only a brief ride from the Waikiki filmstrip. If many Americans go on holiday, they plan to just see the sights, relax and not participate in the community as well.

Much of what you can do in Waikiki has little to do with the culture of Hawaii and more with making it. But in Hawaii, if you don't really appreciate it, you miss a life-long memory. Hawaii every weekend there are luau nights, processions and partying, many of which you can visit as a visitor.

Hawaiians will have a Christmas procession for some and all! When on Oahu, you can drive to Lusat, which are tossed by most major island resort every city. Some of Waikiki's resorts/hotels will trigger a big firework display at least once a weeks, which can be seen from all around Honolulu and Waikiki.

Alternatively, you can go to the Polynesian Cultural Centre, where you will see some of the most astonishing hula dances of Hawaiian culture.

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