Sigatoka Valley

The Sigatoka Valley

Arenie Kuruveivali added a new photo - Sigatoka Valley, Fiji... Getty Images' perfect Sigatoka Valley Stock photos and editorial news images. The Sigatoka Valley Road is located near Narata in western Fiji.

SIGNATOKA VALLEY RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROJECT. The Sigatoka Valley is now known as Fiji's salad bowl.

sigatoca expects the opening of the redeveloped valley road

Peoples on the bank of the Sigatoka Valley are waiting anxiously for the opening of the new asphalted Sigatoka Valley RV. Special Administrator Sigatoka Jay Whyte said that there is an atmosphere of agitation among the locals who expect many beneficial things to happen after the work on the roads is completed.

"It' almost finished and it looks beautiful to see folks so excited about the new road," Mr Whyte said. "There will be many benefits from the construction of this highway, as there will be a more effective transport of goods and service to the Navosa highlanders and also less servicing for cars that want to drive up the valley," he added.

Whyte said that the Sigatoka Valley is known for its farm production and has huge unexploited landfill. "The landscape and unspoilt surroundings of the valley offer both farming advantages and the tourist sector's ability to generate income and jobs," he added. Whyte added that the Prime Minister's recent proclamation to link Sigatoka with Serea is a move in the right direction. 3.

Sigatoka Valley is the first CGGC in Fiji and the other is the extension of the Naqali - Serea highway, which is expected to be completed in good season for the opening early next year.


Sigatoka Valley is being developed for its purposes by improving farmers' productivity while at the same times giving technological support and improving the fijians' product family. Sawane Remudu, Senior Agricultural Officer, said the program has been greeted by growers as it has expanded their understanding of integral crop practices and has proven to be very effective.

It has been implemented over the last two years and has had a positive impact on the country's tourist industry and on exports to Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and other Asia.

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