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You can book your tickets online for the most important activities in Sigatoka, Fiji on TripAdvisor: You can book your tickets online for the most important activities in Sigatoka, Fiji on TripAdvisor: Signatoka (pronounced Singatoka) is a town in Fiji. The Beachfront Paradise In The Adventure Playground Of Fiji. Sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset time in Sigatoka - Fiji.


See for bananas illness see Blacks sigatoka. Signatoka (pronounced Singatoka) is a city in Fiji. Located on the Viti Levu isle, at the Sigatoka river estuary, after which it is called, about 61 kilometers from Nadi. Fiji's last popular count (2007) showed a Sigatoka settlement of 9,622.

1 ] Sigatoka is the most important city center of Nadroga-Navosa County. The Sigatoka escarpment is dominated by an artistic sanctuary, open to the general population, constructed by Hare Krishna followers. The most important touristic sites are the Sigatoka sand dunes near Kulukulu, two kilometers northwest of Sigatoka, and the Kula Ecopark, which is home to some 500 bird populations of 100 bird populations from many different tropics.

It is also the main center for Fiji's coast tourists - the coral coast - which is home to many of the country's top hotel and resort destinations. Founded in 1959, Sigatoka is run by a 10-member Sigatoka City Council, and serves a three-year period of office. The military-backed transitional administration fired all local administrations throughout Fiji in 2009 and designated extraordinary managers to manage the area.

Anand Sami Pillay is the chairman of the city council. Between 1912 and 1923, the Banan plantation in the Sigatoka Valley experienced serious outbreaks of a fungus infected known as Yellow Sigatoka Sickness. 2 ] The Black Sigatoka, an even more devastating vegetable disorder, is related. Sigatoka Valley is known for its high vegetable output and is therefore also known as Fiji's "salad bowl".

Sugatoka is also known for many educational institutions. He has Sigatoka Methodist Primary School und Sigatoka Methodist Secondary (High) School, Cuvu Colleges, Nadroga-Navosa High School und Andra High School. The majority of the inhabitants of Sigatoka Town would have gone to Sigatoka Methodist High School (now Sigatoka Methodist College). The Sigatoka Andhra Hisgh School has the second highest success after Nadroga Arya School.

Sigatoka, mainly part of Nadroga County, is home to champions Nadroga League Racing Club, which has won a series of local sponsorship tournaments (not an accurate number) and the Lloyd-Farebrother Trophy 81 of them. Today Sigatoka is generally referred to as "Rugby Town" because the Fiji region football club influences the local football world.

It is also home to the Nadroga Soccer Association. Fiji have secured themselves the 6th place in the last Fiji Football League. The hometown of Iliesa Delana, the first Paralympic Games winner of two years. Most of the population in Sigatoka and Nadroga/Navosa provinces have free or minimum cost healthcare facilities.

The Sigatoka City has a Sigatoka Sub-Divisional Hospitals and there are healthcare centers in various areas in the Nadroga /Navosa County. In the city center there are a small number of GPs and dentists. Sigatoka's economic situation is largely determined by the impact of the wider Nadroga/Navosa economic situation.

Sigatoka, z.B. Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa (IHG), Shangri-La's Fijian Resort, Outrigger on the Lagoon Fiji, Warwick Fiji Resort & Spa, Hideaway Hotel, Naviti Hotel. The Nadroga is also known as the "Fiji Salad Bowl", especially the Sigatoka Valley, which grows a high quantity of fruit, seasonings and vegetable for both domestic and international use.

The Dalo (or Taro), often the estate of the eastern Fiji Islands, is not so widely cultivated in Nadroga, but manioc (tapioca) is manufactured for consumer and ex-port. Sigatoka's local economies are benefiting from the impact of tourism and farming in the Nadroga/Navosa area. It is an important point of reference for the hospitality sector, hoteliers, farmers, etc. in the supply of wholesalers, retailers, public authorities, policemen, utilities and administrations.

Sigatoka's oldest companies are: R Billimoria & Sons, Tappoos, Sigatoka Electric Limited, Pratap Foodhall, MAMP Shop2Save Supermarket, Neels Restaurant, Bhavani Jewellers, Sigatoka Motor Spares and Patel's Hardware to name a few. Pacific Green Industries (Fiji) Limited has its head office in Sigatoka. Nemani, Nemolo - Fijian Rugby Union players currently plays for Montpellier, Super Rugby 2014 Top Try Scorer.

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