Shortland Islands

The Shortland Islands

(? in search of current information about the trip Shortland Island to Bougainvile. ((marked red)) potentially affected by the tsunami on the coast of New Georgia, Treasury and Shortland Islands, Salomon Islands. Enlightenment to the Shortland Islands, as remote as possible! a new photo was added by Jing Jung Jiangjah Hao - on Shortland Island.

Westprovince, Solomon Islands (Shortland Islands)

Location The Shortland Islands Group is situated in the western province of the Solomon Islands. All the Shortland Islands Group is known as " Alu " in the national currency. In Japan the name of the isle was" Shi-you-to-ran-do Shima". Also sometimes referred to as "The Shortlands" or "Shortlands", in relation to the whole Shortland archipelago, which is encircled by the Solomon Sea.

Bougainville Island in the Nort, Fauro Island Group (Fauro Islands) in the Easterly and Treasury Island Group (Treasury Islands) in the Suthe.


The Shortland Islands have criticized the chairman of the FAMOA Trust Council, Sir George Lepping, for organizing the FAMOA Executive Committee in Honiara. SIBC' s Shortland Island stripper John Kotaru told of a Chief Bernard Otuana from the town of Samanavua who said that the meet should be conducted in Shortland if it is for the shortland island's continued growth.

Mr. Kotaru was informed by Chief Otuana that the Shortland Islands have the largest number of lobbyists who can participate in such missions. The FAMOA Board of Directors met several times in Honiara, but no developments took place. The SIBC News recognizes that the gathering took place in Honiara today. The SIBC is a state-owned channel that provides education programmes, recordings and advertising for community and cultural diversity in a dispersed state.

Solomon Islands broadcasting corporation was founded by a parliamentary law - the Broadcast Ordinance of 1976. Founded to broadcast a broad spectrum of programmes for the information, training and amusement of all those who live in the sovereign boundaries of the Independent State of Solomon Islands.

During the Second World War, the US Armed Services set up the station in the Protectorate of the British Solomon Islands (BSIP). 1944 the Armed forces Radioservice ( "AFRS") created small, medium wave transmitters in Lunga on Guadalcanal and Munda, New Georgia. They have been created to inform and entertain the hundred thousand of U.S. field staff who were then stationed at BSIP.

They were part of the Mosquito Net, a loosely meshed AFRS station system that stretches from Bougainville in the southwest Pacific to Auckland in the southern hemisphere and also has branches in Espiritu Santo and Noumea. When the Pacific Wars were moving northward, the AFRS channels shut down and the BSIP audience went back to tune to air programs from Australia or other countries for fun and information.

1946 the BSIP administration set up a basic half hourly bulletin board for messages and services. From Honiara, the ministry was broadcast on standard inter-island radiocommunications with the help of state transmitters and soon evolved a fan base on a continuous basis. Until 1952 the programs were on a much more powerful basis and the Salomon Islands Broadcasting Services (SIBS), an branch of the government, was founded.

SIBS was transformed into Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation (SIBC) in 1976 by new law, a fully autonomous state-owned broadcasting company entrusted with the provision of domestic broadcasts and a comprehensive array of information, education and entertainment facilities. SIBC' s head office is in Rove, Honiara, the Solomon Islands' main town.

Radio Happy Isles and Wantok FM are based in the head office. The Radio Happy Lagoon is in Gizo, Western Province. It' currently transmitting on FM after an quake caused damage to the AM network structure. The Temotu Radio is in Lata in the province of Temotu.

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