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The Olsen Seychelles Cruises are the ideal way to visit the islands that populate the Indian Ocean with beautiful beaches, amazing food and relaxation. The Seychelles is the place to be if you have always dreamed of an exotic cruise. Cruise the inner islands of the Seychelles with a schooner, catamaran or all-inclusive on a luxury yacht. Cruises in Seychelles make an idyllic holiday in the Seychelles. Beautiful and romantic, the Seychelles define tropical beauty.

The Seychelles is the place to be if you have always dreamt of an exciting cruise.

The Seychelles is the place to be if you have always dreamt of an exciting cruise. The Seychelles is the ideal place for your holiday due to its hot climat. Explore this paradise on one of our boats and enjoy a one-of-a-kind trip to the isles. Whether you are looking for a relaxing wedding trip or a tempting cruise to the Seychelles, this is the ultimative adventure for you and the ones you like.

Cross Seychelles from Mahe or Praslin and discover the exceptional wildlife and wildlife in a luxurious yachting area. Seychelles is a cruise full of great trips that give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a stunning marine life, hike through the jungle and catch paradisiacal sands.

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Seychelles' clear attraction are its picturesque, idyllic sands. Cruising to the Seychelles means that the visitor has simple accessibility and does not have to dare to swim in the clear water of Mahé. Among the soft sea breezes, beautiful corals and marine wildlife, snorkeling and snorkeling are some of the most enjoyable Mahé experiences.

Morne Seychellois, the highest point in Mahé, is only a few minutes away from Port Victoria. Here the breathtaking view extends from the mangroves over the mysterious water to the pure sand. Heading towards Port Glaud, on the way back towards the interior, you will see the remains of an old college and a viewpoint that offers an incomparable view of the area, while a functioning teafactory in the vicinity lends a little more flavour to the area.

Although not necessarily world-famous, Russia's cooking is all the more fascinating for the connoisseur.

Seychelles Top Small Cruises & Luxury Tours for 2018-2019

Just tell us your journey and we will create an individual catalogue for you. This luxury Pegasus boat blends convenience, luxury and excitement for you while you are enjoying this contemporary Garden of Eden. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to schedule your journey to the Seychelles before or after your Africa safari. Immerse yourself in the rugged Indian Ocean in the Seychelles' lush islands heaven.

Situated off the east coastline of Africa, just off Madagascar, this island provides a relaxing, luxury holiday in Africa. Onboard the Silver Discoverer or Pegasus, your luxury cruise takes you through all four of the great Seychelles' four main areas, among them Mahe, Greater Victoria, Praslin and LaDigue & the Inner Isles.

Do you plan a trip to the African continent? 4-day cruise on board the Pegasus in the Seychelles. A 18-day World Heritage cruise on the Indian Ocean isles. FEENEY TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: What were these archipelagos used for? F: Which well-known writer (who wrote the tales "For your eye only") came to visit and inspire Seychelles?

Will I need a visas to visit Seychelles? There is no need for a visas as long as you enter Seychelles with a current pass and receive a visitor's pass upon your return to Seychelles. Do you tip people in the Seychelles? In Seychelles, tip is neither an anticipation nor an undertaking, and some places do not even take a tip.

How is your online presence in Seychelles? Seychelles is a place you can enjoy without an online presence. Whilst you may find a hot spot in a more beautiful downtown resort or cafe, most of our tours do not provide wireless broadband for you. In Seychelles can I use my mobile telephone?

Don't rely on using your mobile in the Seychelles. While there are a number of nearby watchtowers, the simplest way is to turn off the telephone and go to paradise! Seychelles has a 220-240V power supply with B-1363 sockets, which requires both an adaptor and a buck convertor or transformers for devices that cannot operate on 220V.

How are the restrooms in the Seychelles? As our boats (and hotels) in the Seychelles are among the most luxury, you can rely on our convenient toilet facilities in a westerly outfit. Is it okay if I take the waters to Seychelles? Don't use the Seychelles waters. Rather, it is safer to consume the filtrated or filled waters of your cruise ship or hotels.

Do Seychelles accept payment via bank card? In the Seychelles you may find a place to eat or a place to stay that accept cash but ATM machines are not very popular and can be difficult to find.

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