Semon Kong

The Semonkong is located in Lesotho with the iata code SOK and the icao code FXSM. Reserve your hotel in Semonkong now. Lesotho to protect our children from all forms of vulnerability. Some hills, some curves - Semonkong Lodge is where the road ends! The Semonkong, the "place of smoking", is a small village in the heart of the Maloti and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lesotho.

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Place of Smoking - Semonkong, Lesotho

Over the Lesotho boarder, over some stunning high pass, beyond some glistening alpine brooks, over a zigzag shaped river basin cut by the splendid Maletsunyane River, there is a small hamlet named Semonkong. When you drive through the town down into the river and across an old cement viaduct, you will find yourself on the front door of Semonkong Lodge.

During the Easter week-end Kerryn and I stayed in one of the Semonkong stonehouses for 5 nights of fly-fishing, photography, bird watching, walking, Maluti camp-drinking and whatever the mountain does for us. At about 5 o'clock on a crunchy fall day we drove from Jo'burg to the highway No1.

In Kroonstad we turn off the main street and continue through Steynsrus, Senekal, Clocolan and the Ladybrand Wimpy and then to Lesotho at the frontier crossing Maseru. Maseru' s journey into the hills is just epoxy. Although the street was dirty most of the time, it was in surprising good shape and you could cover the whole way to the chalet in a 2 x 4 piece.

Altogether the journey from Jo'burg to Semonkong took about 8h. Angling surpassed all our hopes, and by pure chance our journey fell into line with the Semonkong Horserace every month. The Semonkong Brotherhood will gather in a broad, shallow dale for one racing days if the right circumstances prevail, as the older governors say.

Seeing thoroughbreds on a rugged mountain road was actually a somewhat strange adventure, and we won't soon be able to overlook that. A mornin' the owner of the chalet said something about a donkeys bar hop through the city. Next afternoons we assembled in front of the lunchroom, together with about 30 other hungry people, and after we had chosen our horses for our day trip, we got our horses ready and moved up the mountain to the city.

Even before we got to the first shellbenen, some guy had dropped from his ass, so that one can picture the scene a few Maluti Lagers later, when a donkeys racing started over the Dorffoof. Shortly after sundown we jumped back down the hills and into the bar to crown one of the most peculiar and great bar tours we will ever do.

Maletsunyane Falls is the most popular (and photographed) symbol of the area, a few kilometres below the Ilodge. And there are some seriously beautiful paths in the area, if you like it. Semonkong's charm is that you don't have to do much to have a really nice age.

Being this far in the hills is a real treat in itself, and you can walk along the rivers and in the town for a few short getaways without getting tired.

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