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The best dive sites in Fiji. Professional staff are able to provide introductory SCUBA training, full open water, advanced open water and many other certifications. Matsangi is the most centrally located of the northern island resorts of Fiji to the extraordinary dive sites for which Fiji is famous. National Fiji is a tailor-made diving safari in the traditional Indonesian gaft rig style with seven sails. Already the mention of the word Fiji conjures up the dream of a Scuba Diver.

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Where' s the best scuba-diver? As far as I know, the Maureen Riggs is still in use. Returning to the initial questions "Where is the best scuba in Fiji ", well, this could keep me busy all morning and I could compose a novel. I have been a professional diver in Fiji for almost 10 years and have managed scuba bases from Yasawa via Taveuni to Lau and Kadavu.

Well, after saying that I would like Fiji-Suz and Matava for some great dives on an offshore isle. If you have a limited budgets and cannot finance a trip to Matava, another option is the new Mango Bay is there. Scuba is good Fiji scuba dive on giant rock faces with Canyon.

Absolutely the best scuba dive in Fiji

You will be surprised by the bright colors of this species from the island of Kadavu and the lagoon of Beqa in the southern part to the Yasawas, Savusavu and Taveuni in the northern part, and the best place to go diving in Fiji is where you can find both wet and dry algae together on the famous rainbow reef of Fiji.

Located in the Somo-Somo Strait - on the other side of the major Viti Levu from the very beloved Yasawa and Mamanuca Isles - the Rainbow Red is easily reachable from the north Vanua Levu and Taveuni islets. It is this place that makes scuba divers so special: the Pacific Ocean's steep streams ascend and cross the coral cliff as it pushes its way through the small Somo-Somo Strait, providing a wealth of nourishment to the animals at the end of the marine life supply line.

They are in immaculate conditions and the colder waters from the depths protect against the warmth of the oceans and the bleach of the alabandro. You will see rose, reddish and purple algae, brilliant yellowsseafans, verdant hardforms and indigoblue and violet algae - the whole outdoors only.

A great challange at all Rainbow Reef diving spots is to point the cameras first, because they look good in all directiom. More than 20 divesites have been studied at Rainbow Reef and almost all have to be submerged near the flood, as this nutrient-rich stream can be powerful at other time.

In this case, a diving on the shore often consists of two parts: the lower part of the dives, which explores boomes, cliffs and piles of corals, followed by an amusing ascent and descent over the shallow reefs. There' s only one diving spot that isn't colorful, and it's breathtaking for another one.

This long Great Whitewall with the matching name Great Whitewall is decorated with a flag of bluish-white corals from 15m to 40m depth and as far as possible along the walls of the cliff. Because of the locations of the corals and the different sea level environments, Rainbow is best diving with diving centers such as Taveuni Diver Resort on Taveuni, Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort and Spa on Savusavu or Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat on Vanua Levu.

The Rainbow Reef is also on some of the routes of Captain Cook Creises Fiji's little cruiser, the MV Reef Endeavour.

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