Scottish Isles Cruise

Scotch Islands Cruise

Discover some of the breathtaking remote islands off our northern shores on this magnificent summer cruise from Dundee. Have dinner aboard a ferry while sailing to the islands of Orkney. A cruise around the best coast in the world in comfort and luxury! An unparalleled luxury superyacht cruise on the west coast of Scotland. Scotland cruise takes visitors to one of the many ports in the country.

Highlands & Islands Scottish cruise

A cruise on the Scottish Islands will delight you with the richness of the stunning landscape, lush fauna and scenic beauty. An unhurried cruise on the Scottish Islands, which takes you to the far and wide and beautiful Faroe Islands and to the magnificent Scottish Highlands and Islands, offers you the ideal diversion.

The smaller to medium-sized boats are the ideal way to enter some of Scotland's smaller harbours and make for a more relaxed and enjoyable cruise time. The rates are per adult for two people in a double cabins and are inclusive of all reductions and reductions for cruise holidays. Captain's Cocktail Party (cruises from 6 nights).

Speakers and handicrafts (cruises from 5 nights). And, please keep in mind, we provide..... This is a more traditionally cosy cruise adventure. Small cruise liners that are open to more harbours. Exceptional standards of friendliness and attentiveness. There are eleven comfortable British departures.

There is a large selection of beautiful trips in most harbours. 95 percent of our visitors rate the pleasure of their cruise as good or good.

Casual public holiday

Breakfast and lunch are usually provided in the open seat restaurants, while in the evenings there are two permanent seats for supper. Choose a drinks before supper and listen to some of your favorite songs performed by our piano player. Lean back and relax and watch the naval architects show their talent in a skillfully created perform.

Soak up the open-air bath and three jacuzzis and take a relaxing night march on the Amundsen decks, which offer a classic walking tour around the mall. If you are at the seaside, you can select between a makeover in the beautician's saloon, training in the fitness studio, bathing in the pools, decks or a game.

Select cruise offers a lightweight "audience with....", where you are welcome to hear an artist or visiting lecturer talking about his expertise and experiences of living, pervaded by public question. Art and craft are becoming increasingly popular, and professionals will be happy to prove their talent.

It may be necessary to purchase material on the boat provided by the craftsman for a small fee.

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