Scotland River Cruises 2017

2017 Scotland River Cruises

Nous avons 2 Touren für Sie gefunden : Lord of the Glens Escorted River Cruises. Scotland is hard to beat for a magical voyage by sea. Little boat trips in Scotland. Channel and Loch Ness between Muirtown and Banavie, a route that includes channel, hole and river. Start our Scotland tours from Glasgow before taking a private whisky tour, visiting Scottish castles and highlands and finishing your trip in Edinburgh.

Canal Caledonian Cruises

On your trip through the Caledonic Channel you will spend much of your leisurely hours on seas (lakes) located in the jagged gorges along the Great Glen, a geological rift that has marked the area. You will enjoy the depth of crimson red hills and bright turquoise seas when you are visiting peaceful cities and leaning back at water sports venues.

Scotch River Cruises & Boat Rental

The Caledonian Canal extends between Inverness, the northern highland capitol, and Fort William in the southern part. Please check out Loch Ness and the Caledonian Canal below to see and reserve it.

Scottish Highlander" - Caledonian Canal & Loch Ness

Scottish Highlander" runs on the Scottish Caledonian Channel and between Muirtown and Banavie, a stretch of water that encompasses the Channel, Hole and River. It is a luxury tour past old palaces and heather-covered slopes. The Glen Ord Whiskey Destillery is a place where you can discover the mysteries of whiskey making and savour one or two dramas; stop at the Glencoe Battlegrounds and look out for Nessie while driving the legendary Hole Ness.

For charterers with particular interests, such as families, gulf or whisky trail, it is possible to put together an itinerary. Sweetmoon Charters are also available for pairs. The Cawdor Castle will be open during the cruises from 29 April to 30 September. Instead, cruises before or after these events will head to historical Fort George. The route follows in the opposite order and may vary on certain scheduled cruises.

Discounted rates for 6-7 person Privat-Charter or Honeymoon-Charter for 2 persons. Families, gulf or whisky trail themed cruises for privat charter (surcharges possible). You will need all the information you need to plan your trip, from visas to packaging advice. Please contact our partners Visas Central for a comfortable one-stop-shopping.

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