Scotland River Cruises 2016

2016 Scotland River Cruises

The Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection: Scottish Tours Impressive bagpipe skirt during a personal night in Inverness.....

appreciated familytartans..... little dramas of individual malts whisky on a personal destillery trip..... a coctail boat trip on the mythical Lomond.... The powerful clan tradition..... intriguing story in Stirling, Edinburgh, Cawdor (the mythical home of Macbeth) and Blair fortresses.... unbelievable landscape in the Highlands and along the breeding hole Ness.....

Hebridean River Cruises republic crown

The Hebridean Island Cruises has been a synonym for luxurious cruises since 1989, when the small and singular cruiser, the Hebridean Princess, first appeared in the seas of the western coasts of Scotland and the Western Isles. In order to make sure that our passengers can fully experience their Hebrew river cruises on the Royal Crown, our own Chief Purser on the Hebrew Princess will accompany each voyage to monitor the discreet services in an unassuming manner.

With our own seasoned tour manager, expert tour manager and gifted musicians, his company offers an immediate connection that is unparalleled - a winning combination that is reminiscent of any Hebrew tour. Panoramalounge with its cosy couches and seats is the boat's entertainment centre, where visitors can have a drink of champagne and blend in with the people before supper while the Hebridean player is playing softly on the babies' grands.

While enjoying a cup of tea and a digestif, the discussion after supper is sometimes supplemented by a little chat, which is enhanced by the faces of the Hebrides. You' d rather unwind in the steam bath or on one of the sun deck's trekking steamships to admire an incomparable panorama - the perfect place to savour the gentle meander of the river as the landscape sways by.

If you have your own notebook, Royal Crown has a free Wi-Fi connectivity.

Phototour: In that little luxurious boat that shows you Scotland.

Are you considering a journey to Scotland? The latest cruise liner, in the roundabout above, provides a view of the adorable little luxurious cruise liner that has become a synonym for Scotland's seaside cruise, the Hebridean Princess. The 50-passenger boat, which has been twice hired for families' holidays, is specialised in travelling to the enticing West Islands of Scotland and, as you can see on the cruise, has a cosy cottage feeling.

This Hebridean Princess Phototour - by experienced traveller and geographer David Swanson - is the 161th in our current line of shipping arteries. Click on the following link for earlier picture-trips.

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