Sawailau Caves Trip Price

Caves Sawailau Travel Price

You can book your tickets online for the Sawa I Lau Caves, Yasawa Islands: Please enter your travel dates to see current prices and availability. A fantastic day trip by seaplane, enjoy a fantastic sightseeing flight with a visit to the village, lunch and a cave excursion. Sawa I Lau Caves are considered the heart of the Yasawa Islands. During this all-day experience you fly in a private seaplane to the Yasawa Islands to visit the ancient limestone caves.

Cave tour Sawa-I-Lau by seaplane, city tour

We' ll get back to you within 24h. Trip: Date of travel: Adults: Wholeturnover price: Fijian guide to discover the mysteries of the Sawa l Lau Caves. Sorry, there are no feedbacks for this trip yet. Reserve your Sawa-I-Lau Cavetour now here.....

This is how your reservation works..... Please make last-minute bookings for the next working days by 2 p.m. the previous workday. Once you make your reservation, we will e-mail you an "Order Pending" to let you know that we have it. We' ll reserve your trip (as soon as possible) and we' ll e-mail you a second "Order Confirmed" with all the important information about your trip.

You do not need to reprint this coupon, but you must be able to provide your reservation reference number to them. We have a safe deposit of your cardholder in our reservation system and will delete it 30 working nights after your trip. Soak up your journey! Operating hours: daylight only; usually between 07:00 and 17:45.

In case of cancelations made more than 72 hrs before departure, a 20% cancelation charge will be charged to TAL. In case of cancelation within 72 hrs before departure a 100% cancelation charge is due. It'?s the weather: Rain - seaplanes and helicopters in Fiji are VFR-based (Visual Traffic Rules). Lateness is to be anticipated in wet conditions, but we seldom have to completely postpone a trip.

During the whole working days there are enough seats to take our guests to their destinations, but our skilled drivers will always make the last call. Storm / cyclonic weather: Under these circumstances, you can anticipate that most, if not all, transportation in Fiji, with Turtle Airways included, will be canceled until the wheather fades.

The TAL assumes full liability for the passenger to reach their final destinations. TAL will bear all associated expenses. TAL will do everything in its power to help customers find alternate accommodations in cases where travellers are grounded in Nadi due to adverse conditions. TAL will pay appropriate overnight expenses in Nadi as well as food and drink expenses in cases where a passenger is grounded in Nadi because no other plane, chopper or speed boat is available, and/or where TAL is unable to supply due to an interior issue, if the passenger had a prepaid meals schedule at their final location.

It is recommended to take out tourist health insurances. It is strongly recommended that you take out holiday withdrawal cost insure.

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