Savusavu Travel

Savusavu Travel

Beyond the main tourist attraction in Savusavu there are a number of high-quality (but not too expensive) wellness hotels such as the Namale or the Koro Sun Resort. Look for cheap and discounted hotel and motel rates in or near Savusavu, Fiji for your upcoming private or group trip. Hello, I want to know how to get to the resort from Nadi & Savusavu when travelling with small children. While traveling through Savusavu you will find a variety of shops and food markets, including a vegetable and fish market, handicrafts, textiles and souvenirs. Create a plan with the Savusavu Travel Planner and get the right plan for your holiday.

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The Savusavu is surrounded by a vast cove full of pisces and impressive mountains wrapped in primeval greenery. Abundant in sandal wood, Beche-de-Mer (the cucumbers - or gherkins - at the bottom of lagoons) and Kopra, Savusavu was a favourite harbour in the sailboat era of the nineteenth cen. Kopra, the dry flesh or the core of sliced chunks of rock nuts (from which coir nut oils are pressed), remains the region's primary source of income for much of the twentieth centuries.

As one of the best dives in the wolrd, some of our resort locations are focused on dives, taking you to the legendary Great White Wall and Rainbow Reefs.

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Diana Plater wrote that Savusavu is enchanting and secluded - what is there not to like? One Friday at 7 pm the Planters' club in Savusavu, on Fiji's Vanua Levu northerly isle, is empty, except for a lonely drunk who runs away immediately after our group is there. For years, the coppra growers of the area have been gathering here for G&Ts after a tough days on their camps.

These old b/w photographs on the wall show that the Planters' Club is no longer what it used to be. Nor is the post-colonial city (and district) of Savusavu. Fijian young Indians, trained at Suva College or abroad, leave for Australia and other lands, but when one plane load reaches Savusavu's small hut at an airfield - with American Peace Corps staff and adventure-seeking travellers.

Savusavu was once a harbor for sailboats gathering sand-wood and Beche-de-Mer, but it does justice to its nicknamed "Hidden Paradise". The yachtsmen have known this for a long time, moor their yachts in the sheltered deepwater harbor and drink in the tiny yachting team. I live in the Daku Resort, an inexpensive, welcoming resort that also offers classes in reading, listening, singing, snorkeling and yoga.

An Englishman named John Rothnie-Jones (known as JJ) and his family Delia purchased the property from the Anglican Church 25 years ago. Motivation tycoon Anthony Robbins also has a Savusavu resorts named Namale, but it didn't seem to have helped that wealthy Americans jump off the Polish.

Everybody says "bula" to you, folks are sitting on banks in the shadows by the waterside and the moms are waiting in front of the cybercafé ( "off" all afternoon), so that the children can get off the frangipani-painted schoolbus. 15 years ago Reggi Macgoon relocated her hairdresser' s from Suva to Savusavu to convince her Savusavu customers: "We only hope it will stay that way," she says.

"Many Americans are looking to Savusavu in all this evolution; they want to make it to a small Hawaii." The first is a Vogue ad showing him in his former form as Suva transport policeman of the 1960s, photographed by the famous Aussie photographer Laurence Le Guay. In 1969 Mécer left Suva for Savusavu.

On a 60 hectare coppra orchard he constructed the first touristic place, the Koro Sun. Later on he made Namale and subsequently went on to sell it to Robbins: "You have to have something special to get humans to Savusavu," sayser. Fiji's politically unstable state is not something most of us want to talk about but it has an impact on travel and the economy, even in Vanua Levu.

The Savusavu keeps its oversleep, backward charme, its major advantage. He has been a visiting artist at Daku Resort, Jetstar and Air Pacific. The Jetstar operates several flights a weeks from Sydney to Nadi, Fiji, for $475. Apacific will fly back from Nadi to Savusavu for $F538 ($283) and fly to Labasa as an alternate point of board.

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