Savaii Western Samoa

Savaaii Western Samoa

Savaii Coastal Resources, Western Samoa: A traditional tattoo around the navel of a man, Savaii Island, Western Samoa. Western Samoa Stock Savaii Photos & Savaii Western Samoa Stock Pictures

The sandy beaches and lagoons in the southeast of Savaii, Western Samoa. Weed control in the coconut orchard, Pulemelei, Savai'i, Western Samoa, Fr. Po. hills (pyramid) in the foreground. The Blowholes of Savaii, Western Samoa. West Samoa. Savaaii Island. Abandoned beaches on Savaii, Western Samoa. Falealupo rainforest reserve, Savaii, Western Samoa.

Tribe of a Savaii Palme, Western Samoa.

The Family Gap Year in West Samoa - Samoa Forum

Hello, I plan to go back to Samoa after 10 years. Auntie ( "Palagi" who got in touch with a Samoan) has been living there for 25 years and I would like to bring my (Danish/South African) home to show them a nice place from my past. We' ve got 2 children, 1 year and 4 years old and would like to come to the Pacific Games in July 2019 (I know, unfortunately far away :/).

The main issue I am asking is the 3-month trip through Upolu and Savaii - and what kind of lodging would you suggest - a long-term place in Apia where we could / should we spend the night in Fales and the casual lodging-? My little girlfriend will need a snooze during the day, so I want to be in a nice place.

This is a journey to enjoy your stay as a whole, enjoy healthy holidays together and get to know the wonderful island and the sea with new perspectives. Are there other childrens with whom my childrens can have fun - outside of resort and hotel - other like-minded parents on the isles?

Thank you for your patience and any suggestions you have for us,

Technical Centre of the Young Brigade, Tuasivi, Savaii, Western Samoa

Hello all the RPCV' s and all the good people out there, I am interested in figuring out the state of the Technical Center of the Young Brigade, in Tuasivi, Savaii, Western Samoa. I am also interested in locating John Shiner and Joe, two great boys and Tuasivi College educators I knew during my stay in Tuasivi.

Greetings, Talofa Lava Tuasivi College!!!! Address: In March 2002 I returned to W.Samoa, now that I am living in America, it seems to me to be small.

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