Zaratov (Russian: ?????

??? suh-RAH-tuhf) is a city in the Volga region of Russia. The city Saratov is located in the southeast of the European part of Russia, on the right bank of the Volga. Receive the Saratov weather forecast. Actual local time in Russia - Saratov. Retrieve Saratov's weather and area codes, time zone and daylight saving time.

It is a straightforward error that is bound to fail.

He was in the skies for only six moments when he crashes. In February, sixty-five people, one of them a five-year-old girls, and six members of the passenger base were on the regular flights of the Russian airline Saratov Airlines. The CCTV shots of a resident's back yard showed the horrible moments when the airplane struck the floor.

Following the fall, the Orenburg authorities, the most heavily trafficked town in Russia, proclaimed a memorial and established a crises center for their families. According to a police investigation by Russia, the Saratov 703 accident crashed because the planes did not turn on the warming-ups.

It confirms an early investigative investigation reports the morning after the kill. It is not the first revelation that icy airborne damage is the result of an air disaster. This was also the cause of the Air France 447 accident that crashed into the Atlantic from Rio de Janeiro to Paris in 2009 and killed all 228 onboard.

After freezing the airbus A330's four pilot's keys, the three aircraft's speed information was erroneous, causing the aircraft to crash into the sea in the air. And it took almost two years to find the black boxes.

Since February, when the 703 has crashed, Saratov Airlines has gone bankrupt. Directly after the accident, the RFA ordered the suspension of all air travel and the airline's renaming plan failed. It also brought to the fore the recent disturbing story of Russia's air crashed, many of which had to do with aging airplanes and hazardous aircrafts, AFP called.

It has been found that a bomber aircraft containing the Red Army choir crashed just after Sochi took off in December 2016, killing all 92 men on the ship. Records of this accident were particularly daunting, as one of the few things to be survived was a terrible suicide taken by a customer who had purchased a last-minute airfare.

The Atlantic says airplanes are four time more fatal than the global aviation safety network, which declared Russia the most hazardous airfield in 2011.

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