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The most southerly point of Hainan province, Sanya City is a well-known tourist resort with mountains and sea. When you want to spend your holiday in Sanya? Browse outside Sanya, Hainan, China (Credit: Frederic J Brown/AFP. The South of the Sea, Hainan, separated from the mainland and south of the Qiongzhou Strait, is China's smallest province and largest island. We' ve driven twice through Sanya to get to other areas of Hainan for surfing.

Activities in Sanya, Hainan Island

The southernmost Chinese provinces is Hainan, which consists of several different isles. The largest is the island of Hainan. It is located in the South China Sea and is very near Vietnam. The capital on Hainan Island is Sanya, which some of you may know from the Miss World Competition that took place there for several years.

The Nanshan Temple is one of the main tourist sites in the Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone, about 40 km from the town of Sanya. The name Nanshan means Southern Mountain and was built to remember 2000 years of Buddhism in China. The name of the sculpture is Guan Yin from the South Seas of Sanya and has three different sides.

It' 108 metres high on an artificial island just off the shore. Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone is made up of wonderful parklands, coastlines and other places of Buddhist cult. Haijiao Tianya is located 24 km western of Sanya and the name means verbatim "edges of the sky, nooks of the sea".

From Sanya (West Station) you can take a CNY4 free coach to Tianya Haijiao. Lithuitou means a stag in retrospect and is located on the Luhuitou promontory, only 5 km from Sanya. The hill is about 208m high and on the summit we find a nice sculpture of a stag looking back, Li J├Ąger and a nice little maiden as a homage to the legends. you can find more about the legends and this page here!

One of the most dramatic sun rises, dusk and a great panoramic sight of Phoenix Island can be seen from above. The island of Wuzhizhou is located about 30 km northeast of Sanya in Haitang Bay. The island itself is small and butterfly-shaped with 5.7 km of coast. It is a great place for everyone with lovely sandy areas, blue waters and luxuriant woods, with stunning reefs.

There are also a number of establishments and restuarants on the island. Wuzhizhou Wharf ferryboats run every 20 min from 7.40 to 18.00 and it will take about 10 min to be there. The Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone is made up of Dream Valley and Rainforest Valley. You will find rainforests, dales, waterfalls, spings and much more.

First, take a shuttles to Dream Valley, where you can do river rafting, past some nice falls. Finally you will reach Rainforest Valley, where you can enjoy the rainforest vegetation, listen to local folk songs, dine or even go camping. The view was wonderful and after this stroll back to the bus it was also great.

The Sanya Romance or longer Sanya Qianguqing stage spot, it is a kind of theme parc. For more detail, Sanya's Tianya Nature Reserve offers Sanya Tianya cultures, Li and Miao cultures and folklore. There are 10 thematic areas, such as the antique town of Yazhou, the Elephant Valley and the Li & Miao village's area with its own specialities.

It' a quite dramatic show that combines dramatic, dancing, music and acrobatic with visuals, advanced technical equipment and tells the story of Sanya from the pre-historic past to the present. That was one of my favorite places in Sanya. It is 40 km outside of Sanya on the southwestern side of the Nanshan Mountains and its name Daxiao Dongtian in Mandarin means "Big and small fairyland".

Founded 800 years ago in the Song Dynasty, Daxiaodongtian Park is the oldest tourist destination on Hainan Island and the birth place of the Tao School in southern China. You will find wonderful wood mansions in luxuriant green next to wonderful sands. You will also find Taoistic temples, sculptures, cliffs, a nice light house in the midst of the ocean, the Sanya Museum of Natural History and of course evergreen pines.

Several of the Daxioadongtian Park are over 6 years old. From the Venture Building or Sanya Bay take Yalong Bay to Taoist Fairyland Park Tourist Bus Ride; 2. Take the mid-bus to South Mountain, Yacheng, Gangmen or Huangliu at Sanya West Station and get off at the estuary of the Taoist Fairyland Park Avenue.

Shuttles run through the Summer Department Store at 9:00am, Pearl Square at 9:30am, Taoist Fairyland Park at 10:40am and back at 4:00pm. The Sanya Zhujiang Nantian Hotel is a 5 -star hotel, also known for its thermal wellbeing. There is also the possibility to enjoy a relaxing massages after a busy night in Sanya.

The Yalong Bay Paradise Park is situated in the Yalong Bay National Resort in the town of Sanya. The Hainan is China's first organic Chinese provincial and the Tropic Paradise is the closest outdoor woodland gas station to the town. Like the name says, there are wonderful tropic forests with an astonishing wildlife.

Or you can unwind, discover the rainforest or visit the parks. Among the places of natural beauty are Orchid Valleys, Yanbo Pavilion, Guojianglong Cable, Qianli Umbrella, Tropic Paradise, Canghai Tower, Giant Buddha Stone, Kongshan Pavilion, etc. There we saw a wonderful Chinese pagoda, a big Chinese dragon statue, fantastic vistas of Yalong Bay, several statues on the way, we went over a long cable viaduct over the river and we saw Bird's Nest Resort nicely embedded in the rainforest and my favorite was a great film!

By coach: Special line Tourism, No. 15, No. 27, No. 24 and No. 25. We are 2 km from the wood to Sanya centre, very comfortable. The coves are all wonderful, so select the one you want to go to or just go to them all. You can find Yalong and Sanya and Haitang and Dadonghai Dogs. I had the opportunity to see all the places I have written about in this paper while I was on a Sanya Tourism Board media outing!

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