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Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu for a totally'local' experience. Resorts espiritu santo vanuatu. Resorts espiritu santo vanuatu. Resorts espiritu santo vanuatu. Booking Barrier Beach Resort, Luganville on TripAdvisor: Near Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu.

Vanuatu's only luxurious tent resort, Hidden Cove Eco Retreat is one of the best eco-accommodation options.

Accommodation Espiritu Santo - Official guide of the Vanuatu region

Accommodations in Espiritu, Santo, range from top-class resorts to rustic cottages, while those in Santo are mostly rustic cottages. Situated around the Luganville quarter center with the exception of Lunnoc Beach and Vatthe Lodge on the north-east shore of Santo, Santo offers a range of amenities and amenities to cater for every tast.

There' s only one middle class Santo with 30 rooms, situated directly in the CBD. While small and private, Santo Resorts offers a wide range of resorts and outdoor pursuits. All of them have their own taste and equipment. Most of them are air-conditioned or have ventilators and their own showers and bathrooms, some have their own bathrooms.

There are three resorts located on separate islets from the major Santo archipelago; these three resorts can only be reached by boat in a few minutes. The Bokissa Resort is located on its own privately owned peninsula and no one else except managers and people.

Situated on a large islet, separate from Luganville by the Segund Canal, Aore has its own diving centre. Encircled by luxuriant rain forests and evergreen forest, this resorts offers family-friendly and mature accommodations. The Oyster Iceland Estate is located on a very small peninsula on the eastern shore of Santo, and the islands only need half a full working days for a pleasant stroll.

Luganville CBD is located on the Santo isle. Beacheside resort provides absolutely near the sea, perfect middle level accommodations with views of the protected waterways of Segond Channel and Aore Isle. The Santo adventure lodge is a bungalow in a town. They' re tidy, but provide essential amenities. Campsite is available at Champagne Lake and Loru Campground, Loru Protected Area, Santo.

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