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Espiritu Santo Diving is synonymous with the diving of SS President Coolidge, but there are also the infamous Million Dollar Beach and the USS Tucker plus reefs. It' a great start or end point for Vanuatu Island hopping, and its sheer size makes it perfect for an unforgettable holiday on your own. The Paradise Tours offers all the experiences that emphasize the cultural and adventurous nature of Santo. "Espiritu Santo is the largest island in the Vanuatu archipelago. Accompany us on one of our four jet skis in the beautiful Espiritu Santo clear waters of Vanuatu.

Scuba Diving Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

Espiritu Santo is tantamount to the scuba of SS President Coolidge, but it is not the only one in the city - there are the notorious Million Dollar Beach and the USS Tucker. Santo has many other sights and attractions, all within a single full days drive of the city.

The Espiritu Santo is located on about the same degree of latitude as Cooktown, in the far northern part of Queensland and Fiji, and on the same degree of longitudes as Norfolk Island. We' ve tried two diving centers on Espiritu Santo: Both Allan Power Tours and Santo Island Dives operate from Mal Davies. You are very different operators: Coolidge, President of the SS, is a synonym for Allan Power Tours - Almost 40 years ago Allan Powers was one of the first salvage experts to measure the shipwreck and has since stayed as an informal administrator who has guided the diver through the ship for over 35 years.

The Santo Island Scuba Diving Company runs three vessels and has access to many other diving spots that visit both wreck and reef in and around the Segond Canal and other areas. Usually the main purpose of being in Santo is to go diving with SS President Coolidge, and I think it was the uncommon scuba diving guy who came to Santo and didn't go diving with the Coolidge.

The Coolidge is a very special dive: it is big and low. Don't schedule a trip to the Coolidge - schedule many and schedule them with someone with years of diving onboard. It is not a "rent a fuel and walk away from the beach" diving. The Coolidge is operated by both of them.

But there are many other interesting shipwrecks and cliffs, not to speak of Million Dollar Beach. Accommodations are available around Luganville, on the eastern shore and on the island of Aore - very handy to reach all major dive spots in the area. Situated on the island of Aore, 3km from Luganville, the capital of Espiritu Santo, a 15-minute drive by boat from the principal dock.

Situated on a secluded waterside with a scenic setting of palm trees, jungles and a glimpse across the waters back to Luganville. It is the ideal holiday destination for families or pairs, with a grand choice of 18 sand beaches, palm trees and lush greenery.

There is no diving facility at the centre, but all other owners will be happy to meet you here. Cindy' s at the top of the island of Aore is only a brief cruise away. There are also many coral cliffs at the 6 to 9m marker directly in front of the residence, which are definitely a good place to explore.

Luganville's only real seaside resorts are situated only 2 km from the city, between large lawn areas and water front garden. There are a wide range of great accommodations with views of the protected waterways of Segond Channel and Aore Island, from singles, doubles and triples to six-room residences. Fully licenced The Coolidge Bar & Grill provides premium dining from both main and blackboard meals, as well as a choice of cool beer and wine, all served in a relaxing, melanese setting with views of the pools, lawn and sea.

Allan Power can arrange shore excursions and if you dive with Allan Power, the mini bus will collect you from the parking lot and the other boat owners can collect you from the beach. Every venue has a sufficiently diverse meal for a whole weeks, and many venues have a days a week in which they prepare their own specialities.

There are many cabs on Santo (probably a lot more than necessary) and the vehicles are small in size than a Fiat 126. Santo's streets are quite good, with a broad main street that the Americans have abandoned, and a new coast street that was asphalted in 2010 with funds from New Zealand and the EU.

Though, saying that unless you have a particular need to be very agile, there is little point in renting a car, as in most cases, the operator, whether a resort or an attraction, will give you at where you need to go in fair comforts. A large part of Santo's facilities originate in the US military bases, which have been home to over 100,000 US troops since 1942.

He was a man responsible for the surgery to catch this special shore first, which he did in a nocturnal outreach. He awoke in the mornings to call the beach Champagne Strand (possibly because of its half-moon shaped form, the light golden sands and the frothy whitewash, or maybe because he had just gotten remarried before shipment and had lost his honeymoon).

Well, when a cruiser spits out a pile of Oike, they come to Chicago to get some lobsters andampagne. It belongs to a chieftain and all guests have to contribute a small price for their heads or entry fees - although this helps to eliminate the chaos that many have left behind.

Indigenous people also established a large square in the stands behind the shore, which had been specially erected for this use. Though Champagne is more popular, Port Olry is more picturesque. As we always encourage the hoisting of the community banner, Air Vanuatu must be your first choise. Vanuatu Air flies directly from Brisbane to Santo.

There are two departures a day between Port Vila and Santo, which are well connected with our regular connections.

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