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islets of Santo-Pacific

Santo Espiritu First-timer Pauline Webber finds that you don't have to go under water to savour all the pleasures of Espiritu Santo - from deep sea vents, stunning greens, refined resort, inviting local people to culinary delicacies and relicts from the Second War. Everything I knew about Santo before my trip was that it is big and has some of the best diving spots in the game. I' m not really at home in fins, so the isle wasn't on my radar before, but that's all the same. But Espiritu Santo has remained practically unaffected, so that it continues as normal in this special part of paradise. is a 45-minute simple plane ride from Port Vila.

On Santo it's a slippery asphalt. Luganville, Santo's only city, is a broad highway with a number of shops and shops that randomly extend along its length. It is a relaxed place where you can enjoy a cup of tea and homemade products in a tapa meal in the 1606 cafe.

Rather, we are sitting in a traditionally women's dancing performance by the troupe Esline works with. Also Bev is excited about the indigenous cultural scene and can point you to all kinds of musical, dancing and artistic activities when you've had enough of the pool. She is one of the ardent organizers of the annual Santo Musical Festivals, a three-day extravagance that takes place in October.

Most of Santo and its other destinations and touristic sites are located on the eastern shore, and with such a good street at your service it is easily accessible. Offers include everything from basic beach rates at Turtle Bay and Lonnoc Beach Estates to exclusive waterfront chalets at the Moyyan House seaside on Barrier Beach Beaches business residence, where Corals Harbour starts just a few meters off the shore.

Kayaking from Lonnoc to the renowned Champagne beach or Elephant Island. In the Oyster Island Resort, when I'm not in the sea with the fish, I keep my eye open. The Oyster Island is located in an excellent protected area. Unfortunately I don't see the dung-gong, but I take a trip with the boom boat to the Riri River Bluehole, one of the many "blue holes" in the area.

These basins' emerald pink color is due to the depth of the submarine cavities in the calcareous rocks, and the lower the depth, the blueer the waters. After we drove to Riri by road, but the Riri Village can also take you there by motor boat. At Oyster I take a walk through the village and the isle.

Hiking trails lead through the reserve, where honey-coloured animals are grazing among the palm trees. It cultivates about 80% of its products and procures as much as possible from them. As most of Vanuatu, many of Santo's holdings are biological. There' s a very good place to dine on this isle.

Oh, Oyster feels very laid-back. However, if you want a bit more adventures, the Oyster Island guide can make arrangements for you. There are many options including a few culture trips to a nearby town and a nearby secondary education, and the Mount Hope River Tourour, which passes along the Sarakata River with its falls, cascading waterways and abundant rainforests.

Any resort on the eastern shore can organize your diving trips as well as your own trips. The majority of the resort facilities include MTBs, canoes and other transportation so you can discover them for yourself. Ni- Vanuatu are kind and very inviting and this is a good way to get to know them. Espiritu Santo, with its unspoilt nature, its intriguing rural heritage and its tradition, provides the tourist with something unique, an unspoilt haven with good cuisine and excellent shelter.

Admire the inviting smile of Ni-Vanuatu and that really is heaven.

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