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Cuba Santiago

Santiago de Cuba offers a variety of entertainment. Cuba Santiago, city, East Cuba. The capital of the province of Santiago de Cuba in southeast Cuba. Cuba City Santiago information, reviews and online reservations for hotels, Casa Particulares and domestic flights. It is the second city in Cuba and the birthplace of the present government.

Cuba 2018: The best of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba Tourism

Santiago de Cuba offers a wide range of activities. In the Casa de Las Tradiciones, a place in the Trivoli district where the best Cuban artists meet for improvisational music, in the Paladar Salon Tropical, where the main pillars of Cuba' s kitchen are served in large servings, and in the Jardin de Los Helechos, where a flower-blast of 90 orchid species and 350 species of fern can be seen.

TivolĂ­, the non-Jewish county, some of the most thrilling groups, vocalists and solists of Santiago de Cuba, take turns to improvise. Would you like to book up to 30% off your Santiago de Cuba accommodation? You are a tourist organization of Santiago de Cuba?

Santiago's 50th anniversary of his birth

Famed for its hypnotic, percussion sound and its singular view of Cuba' s past, the town of Santiago in Cuba has been given a new face. And since the end of last year there has been a new "place" for tourists - the grave of Fidel Castro - from which the local authority confirms that he drove tourism into the town.

Sandy hurricane struck Santiago in the fall of 2012, but the town began to fix and paint, and the flowers and bushes in the squares and roads are sprouting again. Alongside the boardwalk, at the bay of Santiago, banks and a tidy boardwalk with the words "Cuba" in oversized iron letter salute the visitor, who receives the fresh wind.

Also a new Beerhouse down on Alameda Boulevard proves to be a great success for tourists taking a rest from the sun. The French Dranguet, who fled the Haitian Revolution of 1791 together with some 20,000 to 30,000 others, founded his orchard in the fruitful countryside just south of Santiago. Santiago's stylish Vista Alegre is not to be missed at Galeria Rene Valdes.

In one of the galleries devoted to bronze, works by Alberto Lescay and other works by semiprecious metals are on display. Agnes Fong paints seductive pictures of urban landscapes, fishing and fruits with a slight and refreshing aroma. In addition to Alberto Lescay's ceramic - inspired by the expressive designs of the Cuba based painter Wifredo Lam - Luis Ramirez Jimenez, the masters mind behind DeKuba, an art and designcreator, has designed slim, tiltable chinaware and ceramicware.

Kuban artisans use a variety of technique - racku, painting and enamelling - and fill the showroom with original ceramics sculptures, items and tablet. Among the high points are Alberto Lescay's abstracts, Tamayo's engravings of tiled works in b/w by Israeli artist, and the exceptionally fine work of Dennis Gallardo, whose unusual pictures of animals on plate - a high-heeled zebra boot and a bluewhale U-boat - are for purchase (Mo-Fr 8-17 hrs, Sat 8-20 hrs).

Returning to the city, the neoclassical San Carlos Club, neoclassical in colour and whiteness, on the eastern side of Parque Cespedes, has opened its gates to the upstairs.

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