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@San Jose Municipal Rose Garden. Municipal San Jose Golf Course, San Jose Picture: The Mineta San Jose International Airport is located in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, California. Do you need a hotel near San Jose Municipal Golf in San Jose? You can use our tools and research to support your municipal bond decision.

Naglee Ave & Dana Ave, Rose Garden, San Jose, CA - 2578 photos & 397 reviews - Parks - Telephone number

The place is astonishing and there are many flowering rose trees everywhere. You will have great local staff and staff to help keep the rose clean. That'?s the most lovely backyard. Before you even enter, you can already sense the scent of over 1,000 rose. The flowering period is from April to November, but the best period is in May, because it is not too warm.

The number of different rose varieties in all hues of the bow was very impressive. All of them are beautiful to me, but I have found that when I have looked after and smelt everything, there are tonnes of different varieties with different flavours, a kind of toasting.

As there are actually two rosaries in San Jose on the same bloc, it is easily confused, but this one is the better one. When' s the last goddamn stop to get a whiff of those pink stains? San Jose Municipal Rosegarden is a 5.5 hectare large yard in a large 11 hectare area.

It has 3,500 plantations and 189 rose sorts. They are symmetrically placed around a well with many plants of all kinds. You can also simply walk through the green gardens and simply relax and savour them all. We enjoyed the subtile variation not only in appearance but also in the scent of different rose.

Perhaps the town, which is buckled for money, will explain why the rose care is not better. Nevertheless, this park is remarkably nice (at the right season ) and delights the many tourists who make their way. Catinaccio is probably one of my favourite places in San Jose!

In such a lively and lively town as San Jose, who would have thought that one could find a wonderful, well-kept rosary? Situated in a neighbourhood with nice viktorian houses. Rosegarden is very well-kept and the Rosegarden is wonderful. There are so many different colours and kinds of flowers.

In the centre there is also a jet of fresh air, which offers a great setting for your pictures! I' ve just been here this week-end and all the rose trees are in full blossom. When you arrive before early in the year, the rose will not yet be in full flower. It' a great place to just unwind, sniff a few freshly picked rose bushes and get away from the stress of it all.

Dear loves dear loves dear loves dear loves loving this yard! it'?s a free entry, who doesn't like it? I have therefore "decided" for this rosarium and have not regretted my attendance. There are so many roses and bows. Nice view with the background covered with hills and woods; definitely a sweet + tranquil retreat.

The most of my ink is actually a rose! Nice little thing, brittle. But their deaths are still nice. I' m only 10 mins from here, so when I go to Zanotto's for dinner, I take it to dinner in the rose garden. It is my pleasure to see the thrill and joy on people's faces when they come here.

A few still asleep. There are so many different types of pink and each has its own fragrance. I' ve recently purchased a hamper that I'd like to use more. It may be hard to find a park when all the blooming blossoms are full, but it's okay, the way from wherever you park to the Rosengarten will still be a beautiful one!

Review #147 - 2018 Have you ever been so nice somewhere that you don't want to go? That'?s how I felt when I was running around this rosarium. I' ve been to some other rosaries, but this one has it! It' s so nice! It is even more magic with the plume of fresh air in the centre of the park.

Those rose trees are wonderful! Unfortunately it got too chilly, so after about an hours of taking pictures and savouring all the nice blossom. The beginning of May is apparently the best period for a stop. Catinaccio is announced as "America's best catinaccio", and I understand why.

We have 3500 plantations and 189 kinds of rose. This 5.5 hectare large park has large green areas for picnic. At the end of April we were there at the best heyday. There is a great diversity of colours, forms and fragrances. You should really go here if you are fond of rose or just a nice ambience.

They can put together an astonishing picknick (there is the shop part and the department for delicatessen and ready meals) and then go into the yard. This is a lovely place to admire lovely cathedrals and stroll through the gardens surrounding a lovely neighbourhood, their homes are so singular, sweet and with a well-kept backyard.

You can find many types of pink in early summer. It' a rosarium in the heart of San Jose. It' well groomed and a perfectly small escape. So it' good to have you here. It' charming, lovely and completely free! You will be welcomed with a variety of different types of pink and a spacious place for a proper picknick in this lovely gardens.

It' s not only the rose, but also the small detail that makes it really great. But be aware, when you come here in early summer, the rose is a little timid and will not show its colours yet! There was a marriage ceremonies on a glade in the back of the garden when I arrived, but the rose garden area was still open to the people.

It was a remarkable park, beautiful and quiet. A thousand rosaceous shrubs made the scent of the fresh breeze pleasant. You have a large selection of different colours, heights and sizes of pink and white flowers. You also have posters to describe what kind of flower you are looking at. It is FREE to the general population but there are certain regulations to follow: no bicycles/skateboards/scooters, no domestic animals and no plucking a rosette!

And Iced Valencia and Bun Tomorrow in your hands means it was safe to take a stroll this mornings after a long week-end hang antibiotic. Flower leaves are a little wizened at this season and the colours are not so vivid, so there is not much to see: no plucking, no dog, no smoking.

It' one of the best rosaries I've ever seen. Make sure to inspect the flowers when they are in full-blown. You will be amazed at the number of hybrids. Colours are conspicuous! You seem a little laid-back about curfew. It' a place of absolute beauty! I am now often visiting and "stop to sniff out the roses".

Then, you walk up and down the rose row. Don't ignore it, put your noses in the flower and absorb all the beauty. It is a wonderful rose garden not far from the Egyptian Museum.

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