Samoan Population in Australia

The Samoan population in Australia

The Kingston is a suburb of Logan and there is a large population of Samoans in Logan. News/Information. mittances, based on a study of Pacific Island migrants in Australia. The most important business partners of Samoa today are New Zealand and Australia. The Samoan living conditions in New Zealand.

Tasman Sea Pasifika groups between New Zealand and Australia.

Samoans in Australia

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Promoting Samoa in terms of healthcare and training

The aim of our programme is to improve healthcare and educational results by enhancing the overall standard of the educational system and making sure that it satisfies the needs of disabled young adults; helping more young adults to pursue secundary and professional development, inter alia through the Australia Pacific Technical College; offering specific Samoan grants to help them learn in Australia and the area, for example to overcome skill gaps in their educational and healthcare systems; improve the standard of the healthcare system and reduce gender and girl-bashing.

Improvement of Samoa's public morale, production capacities and the reduction of the impact of non-communicable disease on human life and economy are crucial. SamoaHealthProgram aims to develop and implement the Samoan people's improved standard of living through better accessibility and use of the available healthcare facilities.

This programme will support Samoa in implementing the 2013-2018 educational sector plan's key policy objectives. The focus of our investment funds is on areas that are crucial to achieving high returns and long-term profits. Ensuring that our kids receive a high standard of early learning to better equip them for schooling.

To make it possible for more elementary pupils to be able to read, type and counted according to their own country's standard to make the changeover to lower level easy. To create more possibilities to pave the way for upper school pupils into third or higher level professional training and to ensure that young Samoans are better equipped to start their careers and make a positive contribution to Samoan economic and social wellbeing.

APTC offers Australia's top-level, world-renowned Certificate III, IV and diplomas to Pacific Islanders through engineering and professional education in high-demand industries. Australia provides about 150 Samoan pilgrims each year through our Samoa Programme, who attend APTC commercial, hospitable and charitable work classes.

Over 1300 Samoans have completed the college since 2007. They have changed their careers and given them more educational opportunity and better, more lasting workplaces and work.

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