Samoan Mats for Sale

Mats Samoan for sale

The sae sae are very soft, finely woven, traditional Samoan fine mats. In Samoa, what you see is called "ie toga". Due to their rank, value and importance it is only appropriate to separate this description from the other mats. This fine mats are as durable as our Samoan culture. Purchase Samoa yoga mats designed by independent artists and well-known brands from all over the world.

Revival Fine Mats

As we began to try to find experienced weaver, our finds were rather incredible and sorrowful, only four towns were still under construction, i.e. sow, and these were also not the delicately striped ie sow. They are very smooth, subtly weaved, Samoan mats. It has a particular place in Samoan civilization and inheritance with the roots of the first exquisite Matevers, which is retraced through generation after generation of verbal histories and legends to the town of Lefutu in Tutuila, American Samoa, and follows its tragic tale through its trip to the Kingdom of Tonga and back to Amoa in Savaii.

After years of storage, the very thinly weaved ie sewn looks like a cloth of almost the same standard as that made from finest satin. Its softeness is guaranteed by the exclusive use of reeds of a certain type of panda and by the specific preweaving of the reeds.

Throughout the ages, Weber and Materai all realized that the ie Samoa was important, and that the skill of preparing and making this artefact was the main reasons why it was so recognized in our world. We were touring all over Samoa with this amazing woman with very little money and means.

This was no straightforward job, as many girls felt at ease with the ie malo (hard mat), which was lighter to weave but did not look or felt like the genuine ie should be. Still today, Ie relics are held in high esteem in Samoan and Tongan cultures and are used for cultural exchanges and gifts as part of important initiation rituals and rituals such as marriages, burials and the bestowal of chieftain status.

Sponsors of a nice mats

Interested purchasers can become part of our sponsoring program to buy one of these mats. As part of the sponsoring program, weavers are commissioned to make a carpet and are charged a week's fee when the carpet is made. The system enables high web management and provides webers with a steady stream of revenue, facilitating the development of budgetary and fiscal capacity.

The mats are available in the conventional 12 x 9 cm (Weaver's hand stretches, approx. 230 x 210 cm), with different weaving widths. If you have further questions about these mats or about sponsorship of a nice mats, please click here.

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