Samoan Culture

The Samoan Culture

INDIVIDUAL ROLE IN SAMOAN CULTURE. When assessing the role of the individual in culture, one can assume this. Samoan culture compares the lady or sister with the pupil of the eye. Samoan tattoo is a pillar of Samoan culture. The Samoan culture can be shown quickly in many ways, but what I propose goes much further.

Fostering Samoan culture

It is a frightening view to erode our culture. It is difficult, however, if strange ways and means are still dominating how we do things on these waters. To Fenuimia'i Samuelu from the town of Lano, Savai'i, it is not all a losing struggle. As a 63-year-old, he strongly believed that the force of Samoan culture lies in the human being.

The Samoan handicraft is their part in this. "To tell the honest world, it gives us locals a lot of pleasure to have the chance to do little things like this," she said to Village Voice. But the only unfortunate part is that they rely more on their capacity to buy things in stores than on their own abilities to do what they need.

"Lots of folks are very dependent on buying these things in the stores, but it's so easy to do," Fenuimia'i said. Fenuimia'i says that the priorities for many families should be to educate their kids on how to make these heritage. Fenuimia'i says it is great that many rural girls are beginning to reintroduce the culture they are teaching to young mothers.

"As I have already said, it is very important to educate the younger generation's culture practices," she said. "That is why we villagers' wives start teaching how to do these things for the young women. It is our desire that our kids should become adults and that they should be able to take these important lectio.

Only trouble is, it's tough teaching an old puppy new moves. Fenuimia'i the best way to promote these cultured customs is that it is a good way to make inmoney. "For many of the older youth in Samoa it is difficult to train them in these skills," she said.

"This is because we lost the best chance to be a teacher when they're young. You can even gain a great deal from the simplest things like feathers. "We see many females fighting these few children, but their fighting will subside if they had this way of making money," Fenuimia'i said.

"But I think it's difficult to educate a lazy people.

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