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Sómoa Tourist Attractions

A Sugar Levy to finance tourist attractions in Samoa, USA An American Samoa legislator has suggested a 10 cent consumption duty on certain sugar-containing beverages and foods to restore the tourist amenities in the area. It came in a new excisable invoice that Puletuimalo D.S. Koko donated and presented to the House of Representatives this weekend. The Leone Falls and the fresh water source were once important tourist sites in the area, he said.

Cook John Tours Samoa - a celebration for all the spirits

The Samoa - An original way to enjoy the attractions, sound, scents AND flavours of Samoa is with head cook John Samoaours. Last fortnight we met Kopelani Tuuama, the company's impassioned knowledgeable nutrition expert and portable head cook, who launched the company in September 2016. At a premiere for Samoa, the 24-year-old made a meal comment to local people and visitors that offers an alternate travel adventure through culinary touring.

John's Chef's Chef's itineraries allow our chefs to choose a wide range of locally grown produce from our market and in-store. At some of Samoa's most breathtaking places he then prepares tasty dishes. The chef cooks on the islands, in Upolu or Savaii touring, while the guest relaxes.

This small but singular company has been growing from a modest start in less than a year with the exponential help of Koch John's Irish family. Only in April of this year he retired from full-time work to concentrate on the work. Head chef John is not one to conceal his prescriptions; he even says that everyone is welcome to ask for his prescription-taps.

Head chef John's woman, Irlene Mokaraka, has not only been the head sponsor right from the start, but is also responsible for the company's commercial work. Chef John Tours Facebook page and website, blooms with seductive photographs and keen sourcing. Also the colorful booklets and visiting postcards were created by Mrs. Mokaraka.

Try the Samoa beauties with the Chef John Tour adventure, reservations and requests can be made by email to or via Facebook or Instagram @chefjohntours. Moves to Samoa as a teens and graduates from RLSS.

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