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Simultaneously, imported vegetable oil became more and more frequently and cheaper available. Away from the Reef - Hugh Neems "About the Reef " is about the South Pacific island of Samoa and its inhabitants, where the writer spent 14 years living and working as a lecturer, bookstore manager and traveling inspector of village schools. Throughout this time he was supposed to master the Samoan languages and to be able to appreciate their cultures and traditions.

In 1954 the writer came to Samoa.

Example of mail fraud in the nineteenth century in Samoa

It is associated above all with e-commerce as a 21 st centurys juridical issue. In this document, this case of deception is presented as an example of how in Samoa Europe's merchants are trying to make the most of a political instability on the border of the Colonies. Vineyard winemaking in southern New South Wales was promoted in the mid-1860s by James T. Fallon (â "1886), who was able to rely on his own Murray Valley Vineyard winemaking, but also on the winemaking of a large number of small landowners, many of them Germans, as well as large vines.

For example, the older Fallon had gone to England to successfully persuade the British government that the alcoholic strength of the Albury area' s products was of course high, that the product was un-doctored and should be introduced with the corresponding lower tariff on the products than on spirit drinks. The Fallon brothers both strove to open up a market wherever they showed an opening.

It was Samoa. At the beginning of January 1892, Alexander Pritchard ordered one or two cases of portwine, one or two cases of pint, and two cases of pint and other types of pint that you think would fit this particular cuisine. Pritchard gave clear directions on how to send the bottle.

He wrote that Fallon had been advised by J. Despeissis, the then NSW government agronomist. Pritchard also said that âwe want to import our goods from the settlements instead of San Francisco,â by toying with the recipient's tendency towards nationalism or Jingoism.

The undoubtedly false references to Despeissis and the hopes of entering a new markets that have so far been ruled by California vendors seem to have affected Fallon in fulfilling the pledge that payments would be made by air. 4] Fallon is solely acting as a fiduciary and delivers goods valued at £14 5s (incl. shipping).

At the beginning of June 1892 Pritchard tried again, now under the name âJas. â [5] Fallon, however, could not be deceived again. And how trustworthy was Fallon? And why did Pritchard commit this scam? It' very unlikely that he would have done so as a New Zealand inhabitant or one of the UK Australian settlements, like Queensland.

There is a good chance that he tried to take advantage of the instable Zamoa policy at the time. The treaty recognizes the independence of Samoa and the constitution of 1875, which created a heirloom. It is safe to say that he was sufficiently acquainted with the UK judicial system, as was the case in Samoa, to be optimistic in this respect.

However, he hadn' t come this far without being a resolute business man. All we can do is to wonder whether Falldon would have dropped the case if the second plea had not been made. Nevertheless, Fallkhart chose to continue with the case and had Pritchard brought before the British High Commission. In those days Samoa de law was an autonomous land governed by the Samoan chieftains.

However, the Samoan authorities had no power over UK citizens. In the same year the Apia Municipal Convention was over. The agreement abolished the Samoan government's responsibility for Apia and instead transferred it to a local council consisting of the consuls of Germany, Great Britain and the USA or their allies.

Whilst its might did not cover Samoan rural living, it was almost total for the inhabitants of the community of Apia. Merchants who resided outside the community, such as Alexander Pritchard, were subjected to the courts of the councils of their own citizenship under the Treaty of Friendship of 1879.

In cases of bodily harm or more serious injuries, the Consultant was supported by two assessmen who, at the Consul's sole and absolute discretion, were recruited by the respected members of the UK expatriates group. 2 ] Dirk HR Spennemann, fiction appeared in 19th century Samoa newspapers (1877â "1900). of Nineteenth Century Samoan Newspapers (2004) ; Dirk HR Spennemann, âThe Heritage of Nineteenth Century Samoan Newspapers.

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When Samoans were implicated, the counselor was often unable to remedy the situation. â Lyrical productions, distributions and consumers in colonial and post-colonial countries.

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