Samoa Snorkeling Spots

Snorkelling Samoa

There is a lot to see and do on land and at sea in Samoa. The Manoa Tours offers daily surf transfers, snorkelling, hiking & surf lessons as well as a variety of accommodation options. While snorkelling in Samoa you can see huge mussels, but the giant mussel sanctuary in Savaia Village has them for sure. The Aqua Samoa in Apia do a great snorkeling tour on a Sunday. American Samoa National Park is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Snorkeling in Samoa - Apia Forum

Nowhere in Samoa is it really'free' to go swimming or snorkelling. It can be between 10 and 25 talas, according to the type of beaches. Aqua Samoa Watersports' boys, located at Aggies, will point you in the right directions without necessarily selling you anything.

Samoa has many great snorkeling spots on both Upolu and Savaii. There' s really nowhere near aggi's that I would invite to snorkel, except at the riff, and you'd have to get someone from Aqua Samoa to take you or rent you a sail.

Also in the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve in Apia you can snorkel well.

Splash in Samoa

There is no place in the Pacific that is more safe for a Samoa vacation. Here you can find everything for the whole of your life - from kayak and waterskiing over deep water lakes to windsurfing on world-class wave along barriere coral cliffs, turtle swims or cycling around the archipelago. A 20-minute cruise to an isle without streets, without automobiles and, until a century ago, without power.

There is a country lane around the three sq. km large isle, passing past old traditions of village, school and farm. There are also some of Samoa's best snorkelling lakes and a barbeque luncheon. Treasure lsland writer Robert Louis Stevenson spent his last years living on a vast property in Vailima near Samoa's capitol Apia.

The Samoan tribe took him to Mount Vaea behind their property when he passed away and created the Road of Loving Hearts. Select from a range of adventurous cruising opportunities on the Samoa's only 10-metre Shilo II boat. Cruise around the Upolu lagoon and snorkell on a secluded sand shore or continue on the Apolima road to the Savai'i, Manono and Apolima isles.

For the whole family, Samoa provides a windsurfing vacation. Surfcamps in other spots, such as Indonesia and Fiji, are for advanced windsurfers only, but Samoa has a number of non-surfing activities and some of the best - and least frequented - spots in the Pacific. Then, stop at Samoa's biggest water fall, Papapapaitai Falls, which falls 100 meters into a craters.

Savai'i, the least densely inhabited Samoan isle, is the perfect place for families biking adventure, as there are practically no vehicles on the roads and the top speeds are 40 kph. Savai'i is one of the best places in the diving-learning industry due to the reach of its beginners' diving spots, good visibilities and year-round temperatures between 26 and 29°C.

Bring the whole group on a full-time kayak experience suitable for all canoeists. Namua's most beloved holiday for families leads canoeists to the marine reserve of Namua Island. This lagoon is perfect for beginners. You can also go outside the shore to see marine tortoises and go snorkeling on Fanuatapu Island - one of Samoa's best snorkeling spots.

There are a multitude of daily trips, among them trips to abandoned plains and mangroves. Catch all the power and thrill of Samoan civilisation without ever abandoning Apia as you set off on one of the most famous South Pacific years.

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